April 20, 2019


Zern's is Closing at the End of September

Zern’s is Closing at the End of September


by Brian Coll



If you saw the headline or title and have no idea what I am talking about you can do one of two things, stop reading now, or find out what you may have missed…


I grew up going to Zern’s with my family. It was a fun Friday or Saturday night out on a budget. It was the original spot to go “people watching” long before I even knew what that meant! In it’s prime you could go pick up some beef or some other animal jerky, a couple of second hand shirts, a sketchy pair of boots, some antiques and oddities. My dad talks about buying me a Christmas present there, it looked like a pretty nice newer bike, I think the blue paint started coming off on my dads hands long before it made it’s way back to Conshohocken!


I’m not going to lie, it’s a far drive from Conshohocken and about a week ago when I wanted to take my family I know I got some sideways glances from the passenger seat and an “are we there yet” from the back seat…. but when we did finally get there, and sadly walked around the remnants of the flea, or farmers market my now wife looked at me and realized what made this place special. It was great to walk around as a family. My little guy rode of on some toy that was close to the isle, and I swear.. the lady whose booth it was, walked over to me as I tried to corral my kid and said…. “that’ll be 6 dollars”…. I pulled out a 10 and started to look around to see if there was something in that booth for me for $4 just to say I bought one last thing for myself at Zern’s.


We walked around for a bit, bought some dried fruit, some fudge and that toy little car thing. We looked through some antiques and wished the different shop owners the best of luck.


Sadly, this isn’t the only place of its kind to close its doors this year, early in 2018 the PowerMart in Collegeville closed its doors for the final time.


If you have a free Saturday night, look Zern’s up, set your GPS and take a ride, maybe you’ll find something there, maybe you will just enjoy the ride. It was a nice time out for us, and it took me back to my childhood and some great time spent with my family.




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