April 20, 2019


WOW - Old Borough Hall Got a New Life Thanks to the HOW Group. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS

WOW – Old Borough Hall Got a New Life Thanks to the HOW Group. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!

by Brian Coll




Listen, I know people are going to have questions….. when is it going to open? What are they doing with it? Can I move in? (well that’s just me) Here’s the thing…. I want to give the HOW Group the chance to let everyone know the plans on their own, when they are ready. It’s going to be soon…… maybe a few months, or sooner.


I knew the HOW Group was going to do a great job with it, but I am even more impressed after walking through it. As someone who spent a lot of time in that building over the years, I am so impressed and pleased with what they have done. Thank you HOW Group. The Lee Mansion (Leeland) is in the right hands.


Here are some pictures from the newly renovated building and we love it. This is the most iconic building in Conshohocken and they did a great job with it.




1st floor

1st floor


1st floor

1st floor 8th Ave side

What an amazing job they did on the basement!



1st floor


This is great, this is the 4th floor, yes you heard that correctly. 4th floor

One of the bathrooms

3rd Floor.

We love the fact they kept what they could of the stained glass.

We love the color scheme. The white railings look so cool, we loved the old wood, but what a difference this makes.

They opened up some rooms to create larger spaces.

Hallways at the top of the steps.

Enlarged room

Looking out the turret door.


We hope you enjoyed the picture tour. Keep up the great work HOW Group, can’t wait to see the finished property.


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