June 20, 2018


WIN FREE TICKETS to todays Conshohocken Music Fest





Okay, really easy….. today there is an all day Music Fest at the A-Field, there is beer and food and kids stuff and it looks to be a great day. Go and buy tickets if you don’t WIN a set of FREE tickets……


What you need to do to win is to answer this question in the Facebook comment section of this post……


We all know Conshohocken means Pleasant Valley or long fine land in the native Lenape Indian tongue, what we are looking for is the funniest made up definition of Conshohocken (try to not be too crude if possible)


So simply comment in the facebook comment section and within an hour we will announce a couple of winners. This is real easy and fun and it should be a real fun day at the A-Field. Bring the kids….. there is plenty to do for everyone.


So…. go ahead and comment and look for the winners soon…..


Here is a sample—— Conshohocken—– land of many bars and real good people.


Hope to see you there……

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