December 15, 2018


Who Has the BEST Pizza, Semi Finals

Who Has the BEST Pizza , Semi Finals


by Brian Coll





Round 1 is in the books, Here is how the voting went.


1 seed Tony and Joe’s beat 8 seed Snap Pizza with 84% of the votes

2 seed Franzones beat Maria’s Pizza and Pasta with 77% of the votes

3 seed Pizza Time Saloon beat Keystone Pizza with 71% of the votes

In the closest competition, Ted’s the 5 seed beat the 4 seed Pasta Via with 55% of the votes


In all there were over 1,200 votes. Let’s keep voting when the matchups are put up this evening on Facebook with the polls. We aren’t asking for e-mail addresses or anything, just click the one you like more and let’s see who makes it through the semi finals to reach the Championship.


Look for 1 seed Tony and Joe’s to go against 5 seed Ted’s and 2 seed Franzones to battle 3 seed Pizza Time Saloon. Voting will last about a week and then we will post the Championship round.

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