December 15, 2018


Who Has the BEST Pizza - Championship Round

Who Has the BEST Pizza – Championship Round


By Brian Coll


Okay, we are down to it, the Philadelphia Eagles will play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, now the big question….. What pizza will you be eating? The number 1 seed Tony and Joe’s or the number 2 seed Franzone’s? Up until now they each faced good competition from places like Ted’s, Keystone, Pizza Time Saloon, Pasta Via, Maria’s Pizza and Pasta, and newcomer Snap pizza. Now they face each other to determine the winner.


We put up the voting on our Facebook page last night and it has been pretty even so far. Voting goes for a week and we are going to share it on our Facebook page a few times over the next week, but feel free to share it and encourage some friends to vote.


When the winner is announced, I know some people are going to be happy while others will feel the best (their favorite place) lost. Either way we are lucky we have so many great choices in our area.


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