December 15, 2018


West Conshy Water Main Break - photos

West Conshy Water Main Break – Photos


by Brian Coll

photos by Peggy Kontra



As if Balligomingo Road didn’t already have enough problems…. Now there is a major water main break right where the prior road closure is. Besides the local businesses that are in the line of fire or line of water from the break local residents are seeing brown in the water. We have reports of varying brown to no brown in the tap water. If you are concerned, boil your water. It is our understanding that Aqua is doing its best to get service restored as soon as possible. At one point there was at least 15 trucks on the scene working. Good luck guys working there.


This comes a day after a number of people reported problems in their own homes of freezing pipes. With the rest of the week looking to be extremely cold, follow this tip from local plumber Matt Siletta, let your sinks drip a small amount to avoid your interior pipes from freezing.



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