August 15, 2018


We tried out Izenberg's Today.....

We tried out Izenberg’s Today…


by Brian Coll



I took my two little ones to breakfast today at Izenberg’s. Of course I have been going to a diner or restaurant at this location for the past 30 some years in one form or another. So, of course walking in with it being a new place you notice the fresh paint, you really notice the new bakery cases, and some new smiling faces. Our waitress was named Lynn. She was very nice, she took extra special care of my little ones which I appreciate. She gave my little guy a high five and made sure we had extra napkins ( she must have known we’d need them ). When I ordered a pancake for my daughter, Lyn offered fruit with it or chocolate chips… so one giant chocolate chip pancake later my little ones were happy. I had the chipped beef over toast and it was great. I loved the home fries on the side, simple but tasty. All in all it was a very nice meal and overall pleasant time. We checked out the bakery cases on the way out and might have to go back on a Sunday with the rest of the family. If Izenberg’s reads this, you could use some art on the walls and we happen to know a guy (wink, wink)


Thanks Lynn, thank you Mr. Bill Danitz, we caught a glimpse of you back in the kitchen where you belong. (Bill and his father ran the old 401 Diner and it just feels like Bill should be the guy making the pancakes at 401 Fayette Street no matter what the name is)





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