February 18, 2019


We Need a Speed Limit Sign on Lower Fayette Street

We Need a Speed Limit Sign on Lower Fayette Street


by Brian Coll




Yesterday, I took a walk up Fayette Street from the bridge looking for the first 25 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit Sign. I didn’t find one until almost 4th Avenue. In my opinion, that is too far into the borough before seeing your first speed limit sign. If anyone can help us out and get a speed limit sign on Fayette Street, I think I speak for everyone who walks this borough when I say we would appreciate it. On the other end of the borough, coming down Fayette Street from Plymouth, there is a 25 MPH sign within 100 feet of entering the borough of Conshohocken.


If you don’t believe, watch the youtube video above of my walk up Fayette Street from the bridge.


This area of Fayette Street could be the busiest section of Fayette Street with people crossing the street at 3rd Ave for school during the week and church on Sunday. The Library is right there as well. A little closer to the bridge we have about a dozen places to go get something to eat and people park on both sides of the street. We have office buildings and open areas. This section of Fayette Street needs a speed limit sign. If there is a speed limit sign put in closer to the bridge then this will make more people more cautious of their speed and reduce the number of accidents occurring in this area. If you’ve experienced an accident due to someone else’s speeding then you might be entitled to compensation. You may want to contact someone like a Smyrna personal injury attorney. It’s better changing the position of a speed limit sign closer to the bridge before a fatal crash happens than after.


Thanks for watching, thank you for listening and if the borough of Conshohocken can take care of this issue and its residents we would really appreciate it.


Thank you,

Brian Coll

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