July 16, 2018


We Lost One of our Treasured People

We Lost One of our Treasured People




by Brian Coll


I don’t know where to start, so let me start by offering my, and my families condolences to Brian, Steven and her husband Bill.


The borough of Conshohocken really lost a treasure when Linda Price Miller passed away yesterday.


I might not have all of the facts correct here, but I believe she was in the last graduating class of the former Conshohocken High School. My first memories of her came when I was attending Hervey S. Walker School with her son Brian. At the time, I didn’t know any other or not too many people with my same name so I thought that was cool. I know our moms became friends and I’m not sure when but Linda started working at the school which eventually turned into the current Conshohocken Elementary School. I know she was well respected at the school, and more importantly loved. She touched many families one way or another, whether it was being kind to a student or simply listening to a parent with a problem. Not everyone will understand this, but to be in her position in Conshohocken at the school and living in the community you see things a different way. I think she really GOT IT. It’s okay if you don’t get it, but Conshohocken wasn’t always this magical place with office buildings and condos all along the river and award winning restaurants lining our streets. Linda saw Conshohocken change, she had different problems to deal with at the school over the years. I’m not trying to be funny, but going back into the 80’s some of the problems with students at the school may have been lack of lunch money, very real problems at home, parents not always there to walk their child home. Linda has been there long enough that she saw some of those problems change, current issues may include children with allergies, parents running a little late at the car line. Linda saw it all and she was a rock to the Conshohocken Elementary School family. I know she will be missed by generations of people and families that dealt with her over the years, and I want to add that I feel bad for the families just about to start going to school there, a real treasure just left all of us.


I was talking to a friend about her passing today and had to share this….. One of her sons met Mrs. Miller when he was in kindergarten, she quickly became his favorite person at school. He talked about how funny she was and it showed when he would bring home creative projects that he worked on with Mrs. Miller. In fact, it became a tradition that this family always went out of their way on Halloween to make sure Mrs. Miller and family was the first house they visited when it came time to trick or treat. Did I say first house they visited? Some years it was the only house they visited because they all loved Mrs. Miller and wanted to spend their night with her and her family.


I always enjoyed my conversations with her and I know the rest of my family feels the same way. She will truly be missed here. Once again, Bill, Brian and Steven we are all thinking of you and your extended family.

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