June 16, 2019


Wayne Music Festival Today - FREE featuring Marah and The Wailers

Wayne Music Festival Today – Free featuring Marah and the Wailers.


by Brian Coll

If you are looking for something to do today, take a few minute drive to Wayne and check out the Music Festival.

Here is the lineup:

Looks like a great day for a music festival. I really enjoyed when LoveConshy and Morethanthecurve hosted a music festival at the A Field a couple of years ago. I’d love to see it happen again.

If you are wondering why we are writing about the Wayne Music Festival, the answer is MARAH.

Marah was formed a little over 20 years ago here in Conshohocken at 8th and Forrest. I’ve written about them a few times over the years. You can check out a few songs on YouTube or start a Pandora station for them, go buy a CD or stop in my shop and I’ll be more than happy to throw some vinyl on the worst record player in the world.

If you want to see a band put on a hell of a show, go see Marah. Last night I went to a little place in Wayne where they put on a warm up show. It was part Rock and Roll spectacle, part big tent church revival. Let me tell you, I looked around the crowd..

There were a few guys jumping up and down for 3 or 4 songs in a row, there were girls dancing like no one was watching, I saw purple hair going up and down to the pounding of the drums played by Dave Peterson. Bagpipes….. did I say bagpipes? Yes I did. The guys in Marah seem like they have a bagpipe guy on call…. Mr. Jeff Clarke. He’s awesome.

I’m sure I have talked about this before in one of the my other articles, when I see Marah live, I am amazed at how they can create a wall of sound. Phil Spector had the famed Wall of Sound, but Marah creates this wave of sound that hits you in all the right spots with a drum kit, and 4 guitars, add in a harmonica from Serge Bielanko and wow, what a sound.

Head over to Wayne and check out Marah, stick around for the Wailers or maybe get there a little early for the Pawnshop Roses.

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