May 22, 2019


Washies Old Firehouse


by Brian and Jack Coll

Big changes are coming to lower Fayette Street. Of course we can all watch the building at 1st and Fayette come down piece by piece, but the cooler story might be what’s going to happen inside the old Washington Fire Company building. Here are some pictures of the deteriorating condition inside the old firehouse. Honestly, I wish a gentleman named Ray Weinmann was allowed to complete his vision with this property. He was far ahead of his time when he envisioned a historic brew pub with a little fire fighting history on the walls for decorations. His vision was probably a little to ahead of its time but I wish we had got the chance to see it earlier. Currently the entire block is set to undergo a massive transformation, a large office building and hotel will now surround the old firehouse.

The Washington Fire Company dates back to 1873, with this building being built soon after. Parts of this building date back to 1874, with the higher floors being complete around 1908. In the early part of the century, the firehouse was a hub in the community with events being held here, bands playing, meetings being held. I have to imagine a band playing there again and maybe some future meetings taking place that may shape the future of our borough in a similar way that the men and women of our community once did.

We want to wish the Keystone Property group the best of luck as you renovate and restore this old firehouse, hopefully it is everything you envision it to be.

These photos show a little of what the old firehouse looks like.

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