April 20, 2019


UPDATE - Who has the BEST Pizza?

UPDATE – Who has the BEST Pizza?


by Brian Coll



So, all of the first round match ups are up and voting has been exciting. There is still time in each of the first round battles to vote. Simply go onto our Facebook page, look for the matchups in the newsfeed and vote. Between the 4 contests there are over 1,000 votes which is exciting. In about a week we will have the semi finals to determine who goes to the final. Please vote, we can’t take comments on the posts as votes, you NEED to go and vote. We aren’t asking for e-mail addresses or anything, simply a Facebook poll.


I have talked to a couple of the owners of the places in the contest and there is some excitement. We hope you are having fun voting and seeing who moves on.


After looking at the votes, I think the seedings have been fair. There is a real close match up between the 4 and 5 seeds Pasta Via and Ted’s Place.


Here is the original story laying out the bracket. Check it out, and go vote in each of the first round match ups, they are polls on the Conshystuff Facebook page.


Who Has the BEST Pizza?
by Brian Coll

Last night we posted a poll on Facebook and it looks like people liked voting, so we are rolling out the entire contest. Who has the BEST Pizza? We set up a bracket system with the help of a few friends over the New Years Holiday and I’m happy to share it with you. When you see the next Poll on our Facebook page please feel free to vote.

Each poll will last a week. Once the first round is over we will have the 2nd round and then the championship. We are going to go through the first round starting last night, and posting the other first round matchups over the next day or so. Please watch and vote. Let’s have some fun with it. At the end of the day, grab a friend or two and go try a new pizza place.

I know I left the Great American Pub off the list, they have a great pizza, but I wouldn’t consider it the reason you go there, where the other options are mostly known for their pizza. Next time you are at the Pub, think about it. I love the menu there and they have a kids eat free night so I take my family there when I can.

Tony and Joe’s vs 8. Snap Pizza
Franzones vs. 7. Maria’s Pizza and Pasta
Pizza Time Saloon vs. 6. Keystone Pizza
Pasta Via vs. 5. Ted’s

We understand different people would have a different seeding order. This is an unscientific, just for fun poll and bracket system. We are lucky to have so many great options here. We listed 8 great local pizza places, while Franzones and Snap may have other locations, I wouldn’t consider any of these as chains.

Good luck to the places in the contest and thanks for voting everyone. We will have updates along the way.

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