March 20, 2019


UPDATE: Conshohocken & West Conshohocken, People, Place & Stories

UPDATE: Conshohocken & West Conshohocken People, Places and Stories


by Jack Coll

      The final figures are in for the book Conshohocken & West Conshohocken People, Places and Stories Volume One.  There are fifteen chapters, 570 pages, 1,011 photographs with more than 300 of those photographs in color.  The publishers of the book will set up the presses on Friday, June 2, and expect to have the books in my hands within two weeks.  On the day we receive the books here at Coll’s Custom Framing everyone will be notified by phone and an announcement will made on All books being mailed will be in the post office within two days of delivery to us.

     Did you grow up at the Fellowship House or playing in one or more of the borough’s parks?  Do you know how many parks are in the borough today?  I have opened my extensive files on this subject and covered them all in Volume One of the book.  The photo shown was taken in July of 1959 of a group of youngsters who participated in the “Songaree” held at the Mary Wood Park sponsored by the Fellowship House.  Do you recognize anyone?  We can help you out!

     Left to right in the front row include Beverly Connelly, Rosemary Kelly, Joy Del Buono, Michele Dennis, Maryann Lepera, Sharon Bruno, Tommy Nolan, Patty Mellon, Patty Show, and Kathy Dennis.  Secons row left to right include Kathy Montemayor, Maryann Zoltowski, Mary Jane Teaford, Joelene Del Buono, Claire Joaquin, Phyllis Korszniak, Christine DiNino, Babara Connelly, Donna Mellon, and Peggy Jackson.  Third row from left include Patsy Teaford, Kay Joaquin, Marilyn Pearson, Bernadette Montemayor, Janet Januzelli, Janet Orler, Sandra Racich, Madeline DeSanti and George Hilt, playground director.

     This is one of many Fellowship House photos in the book.  What else does the recreation chapter cover, well,

     The Children’s Playground Association, The Community Field, (“A” Field), Rev. Lee’s Youth Center, The Fellowship House, Mary Wood Park, Mary Jane Sutcliffe Park, (Who was Mary Jane Sutcliffe)? Aubrey R. Collins Park, (Who was Aubrey R. Collins)? Veterans of Foreign Wars Park, Second Avenue Meadow, Haines & Salvati Memorial Park, Veterans Park, John “Jas” Borusiewicz Memorial Field, Keith MacKenzie Park, and Leeland Park.

     For the record there are eight parks within the Conshohocken borough limits with MacKenzie Park in West Conshohocken and Leeland Park in Whitemarsh.

     Other recreation activity covered in the Recreation Chapter of the book include The Conshohocken Youth Center that was operated in the late 1970’s, The Hullabaloo, The Conshohocken Youth Foundation and scenes from the annual Car Show and from past Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies and Santa’s arrival every year.

     We will be taking orders until Friday at noon, at noon we will call the printers, give them a number of books and the presses will roll.  These books will be a keep-sake for future generations and make great gifts with the second volume due out the first week of December.  You can order your books by calling Jack or Brian at 610-825-7072. See-ya in a couple of weeks for pick-up.

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