February 18, 2019


Underdog Landscape Supply - For Homeowners too!

Underdog Landscape Supply – For Homeowners too


by Brian Coll



I’ve driven by this place dozens of times, but most of you haven’t. It’s tucked away on Washington Street here in Conshy, if you are trying to picture Washington Street, it is the road closest to the river, a number of the old factories were along the river, some of them have new life while others were tore down to make way for the Londonbury and the new office buildings. Some of the land along Washington Street still is waiting to be redeveloped. If you drive far enough on Washington Street you will go past the old Hale Pump Foundry and you will notice a sign for Underdog Landscape Supply at 701 Washington Street.


Now, that we know where it is, here is what they do. If you have a truck, they will fill it with whatever you need. You need mulch, they got it. You need firewood, they got it. You need river rocks or stone, they got it.


You don’t have a truck but need one of those products, they got a truck and can deliver it for you!


So, I needed some landscape supplies the other day and actually went to visit them. I met with Dave the owner and had a brief conversation about the type of work I was doing and less than 5 minutes later I had mulch and a bunch of great looking river rocks in my truck which made the wife happy we were going to clean up the house a little bit with these supplies.


I couldn’t believe that he’s been in business since the mid 90’s and I honestly thought it was mostly for landscapers and was thrilled that I could buy this stuff as a homeowner from them. So much cheaper than the big box stores. I loved dealing with someone who knows their products and the best options for what you are doing.


Here is the website incase you want to check them out for yourselves. http://www.underdogsupply.com/index.html


Dave, thanks so much, best of luck down there. I was so glad I stopped in and you had everything I needed to make my yard look like it should.






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