June 16, 2019


Treat Yourself - Stay at the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast

Treat Yourself – Stay at the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast


by Brian Coll

Listen, yes it’s going to cost you some money. I know, it’s only a few blocks from your house, (maybe further if you read our website from out of the area.) There are probably a few other reasons you will have to not stay there. Let me tell you a few good reasons why YOU SHOULD STAY THERE.

I booked us a room for my wife’s birthday. We both went to work that day, it was a Friday. At the normal time for me to bring our kids home for the day, we enlisted her parents to have a sleep over with our kids. I owe them a meal or two as thanks. We went to check in and the hosts were amazing. I have been dealing with Joe and Carol the owners for years now as they have fulfilled their lifelong dream of renovating this cool old house. Now, I mention Joe and Carol, they are the owners and they must be very intelligent people because they hired a couple of professional Bed & Breakfast keepers if you will. Drew and Niecy, and they have operated successful Bed & Breakfasts all over the country. They are really getting their feet wet and appreciating all things Conshohocken. Talking to them at check in, it was like they have lived here for years, talking about the restaurants and the parks.

So, we checked in, set up camp in the Laura Wood room (very comfy bed, amazing bathroom and so comfortable) and soon after we checked out the dining room to see where we would be having breakfast the next morning. Breakfast was being served between 8 and 9 in the morning and we were told there were a few other guests spending the night and we may see them in the morning.

We left for the evening and for the first time for us in a long time, we were out in Conshohocken without our children. Since it was my wife Anna’s birthday she wanted to go to Pepperoncini for an espresso martini and really likes them there because they use real espresso not just a flavoring. I think she called it an adult red bull and vodka…. we also had some of the special happy hour appetizers (pork and meatball sliders and they were awesome) from Pepperoncini we walked down to the Conshohocken Beer Garden on the river. It is open on Friday nights in the spring and fall, on this night we didn’t have our kids, but it is a very kid friendly atmosphere. We met with some friends, had a good time and at some point we walked to the Great American Pub Rooftop Garden and enjoyed some time on the rooftop. From the rooftop, we wanted to take a walk around the block and if someone saw us from the street it probably looked like an old cartoon where a character smells something yummy and they follow their nose…. our nose led us into Insomnia Cookies for the first time (it has been opened for a few weeks now, but that night it was just opened) Wow, it was great. We bought 6 cookies and ate them on the walk down Fayette Street. We even wandered into the new El Limon and got some nachos.

It was the ultimate night on the town (well in this case borough). We had such a good time walking around and trying some new things out and appreciating some old favorites.

We made it back to the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast and it felt so good to lay down on a comfy bed. We had a great night of sleep and woke up in time for breakfast. Drew and Niecy were ready for us as we came down the steps. We were served an almond cake which was perfect while we waited for the most amazing watermelon salad thing with feta cheese and a little balsamic drizzle. I would have never put any of these ingredients together, but it worked. The next thing up with a very thick homemade French toast, I won’t do it justice trying to describe it. Sorry, you’ll just have to check it out one day and see if that is what they are serving.

It was so nice to chat with some other guests as we were eating. It turns out the two other guests who were having breakfast with us grew up in Conshohocken, in fact only a few doors down from the Bed & Breakfast, they were up from Florida for a party.

All in all, it was so nice to stay at the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast. As someone who absolutely loves Conshohocken, it felt like I got to enjoy it in a different way. Sometimes when you visit a new place, you can just get wrapped up in the night and I think that’s what staying there allowed me to do. I wasn’t worried about the dishes in the sink, the laundry that I needed to fold. It was very refreshing staying there and enjoying the borough that I love.

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