June 16, 2019


Tillie's Place, (Oyster House) For Sale, Investment Property

Tillie’s Place, (Oyster House) For Sale, Investment Property


by Brian Coll


Last night on our Facebook page, we posted a photo of the little old building where Tillie’s used to be and joked that someone should buy it, get a liquor license, hire one of the cheesesteak cooks from Wally’s and we’d have a hot little spot!


So, of course there was a lot of reminiscing and talk about the good old days… I just can’t see it happening there. The property is for sale for 1.1 Million. It is ready for townhomes or condos.


Even when it was a bar, it was so small, the rook felt like it was on top of my head. I recently went in and unless you had a photographic memory, you’d have a hard time making out the little details that seem to fade from your memory. I could kind of walk the outline of the bar, you knew where the bathrooms were, you knew where the DJ would set up most weekend nights, I could picture about where Tillie and Her sister Nora sat holding court. Now that I start walking through the place in my mind, maybe it is a good idea. I miss that place.


Okay, if you are an investor, here is a little snippet for you. Call your broker and get on it. If you don’t have someone and want to make a deal. We know a few good local realtors including Noele Stinson, Paul Mazzochetti, Mike Sroka has a great team. Ernie Facchine has been dealing with a few builders recently as well.


Calling all Builders and Investors!!! Very RARE FIND in Conshohocken/Whitemarsh Township. Fully Approved & Ready To Build 12 Unit Condo Or Apartment Building. All engineering is complete, 95% of architectural is complete, just need to fund escrow and apply for final permits. Great Comps in the area for resale or rentals. All Plans, Approvals, Escrow Breakdowns & Storm Water Management attached in Documents.


So there you have it. Good luck. If someone does want to make it a bar again, give us a call. We have no money, but could maybe tend bar there.



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