February 18, 2019


The Outbound Station- Coffee Shop and More

The Outbound Station – Coffee Shop and More


by Brian Coll



First of all, I am not a coffee guy, but I do have a sweet tooth, so when I stopped in the Outbound Station today I tried a massive piece of crumb cake with what had to be a thin layer of raspberry or strawberry in between layers of the cake and the crumbs. It was amazing.


It opened about 6 years ago and has been a hit with the people that use the bike path or trail as well as commuters catching the train or those who work in the local offices. It’s worth a walk if you live close by. The staff is super friendly and the hours are what you’d expect with lunch as an added bonus.


Something that I saw that I thought was very cool and Ken may not have even realized I was there. A cyclist pulled up, parked her bike and was getting ready to go in and order something when Ken asked her what happened to her old bike, was this one new? And they sat there having a nice little conversation about bikes. This guy just didn’t want to capitalize on a coffee shop by the bike path, this is his life, he was into cycling and coffee long before opening up. Keep up the good work, you have excellent products there and a perfect space.


Here are a few pictures I took today. Stop in and let us know what you think.


This is owner Ken Fields with Rachel Ortiz. Rachel has been there a little over a year while Ken had a vision to open the Outbound Station a number of years ago.

Everything in the case looked fresh and yummy.

A very inviting outdoor space, pull up, park your bike and grab a table.

You can see the sign from Elm Street near the bridge.


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