September 18, 2018


The Library had a Great Fundraiser with Superheroes. Thank you to everyone involved

The Conshohocken Free Library had a Great Fundraiser with Superheroes. Thank You to Everyone Involved


by Brian Coll


About a week and a half ago Mayor Bob Frost put together a team of Superheroes and a Princess worthy of it’s own movie and assembled at the Conshohocken Free Library. The kids and adults loved it, I mean how often do you get the chance to talk to Spider-Man? Some kids were a little shy and didn’t want to bother Nick Fury while he made plans with Starlord from Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Deadpool was as funny in real life as he is in the movie. Catwoman was posing with kids for pictures, a couple of people saw the superheroes and pulled over in their cars to take pictures. Princess Anna and my daughter got along really well, it was cute to see kids interacting with these characters.  It was a really fun time. If you missed it, the Philadelphia Avengers will be coming back to Conshohocken for the Kick Of Party for the Conshystuff Food Drive. That party is next week (October 18th from 4-7) Bring the kids, meet some of the Philadelphia Avengers, bring some canned goods for the Colonial Neighborhood Council at 107 East 4th Ave.


Now, back to the Library. Mayor Frost brought some snacks for the kids and the Superheroes. All that was asked was a donation so the Library could buy some new stuff for the children’s area. So, even before the bucket was put out, Conicelli Autoplex stepped up and donated $2,000. We can’t thank them enough. Conshohocken is lucky to have the Conicelli Family here in our community. In addition to their donation almost $200.00 was collected at the event That money will go a long way in refreshing the children’s area at the library. New toys, new rug, maybe a new comfortable chair.


Here are a few photos from the event. Speaking of events, the Conshohocken Free Library is always having fun events for people of all ages, including an upcoming Murder Mystery Night on November 30th. Tickets will be $65.00 and on sale very soon from what we understand.




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