May 23, 2019


Thank you Police Chief Mike Orler

Thank You Police Chief Mike Orler


by Brian Coll



Mike Orler, Chief of Police Mike Orler. Thank you. I have to say thank you. I grew up here like you did. When I was younger you were one of the policemen who realized not every kid hanging out a little past dark was up to no good, not every teenager walking to 7-11 was going to loiter all night long. You understood Conshohocken because you were Conshohocken born and raised. As I got a little older and involved in more community projects or events, you and your family were always there to support them, even when you were off duty, which didn’t seem like a lot of the time. The police life can be hard and long working 12 hour shifts and back at it all too fast the next day. You would bring your family to the car show and funfest over the years and I’m sure you could have pointed out a police infraction or two along the way but you were always there to help in a positive way. Now, as I bring my children around the borough, I would point you out to them, telling them you were one of the helpers. Speaking of helpers…..  9/11, 9/11….. in the days after 9/11 there was a lot of confusion, everywhere in America. You, being the man you are, went towards the trouble, I don’t know all of the details, but I recall you heading to New York to help out. In America’s time of need, you stepped up to the plate. At the same time Conshohocken and West Conshohocken collected over $80,000. to send to New York in aid and recently Conshohocken erected a monument to honor those from September 11th. Conshohocken and the surrounding communities have been lucky to have you.


As far as the police force goes, I think you were an excellent bridge between old school and new school. I grew up with Chief Dougherty, and he had an old school edge to him, in a time when an old school edge was needed. If you were a kid who had a knife at the park, he’d take it and tell you if your parents know you have this, send them up to the station to collect it. I bet when he retired he had a whole drawer full of knives! I know there have been some changes in the way things are done and with the age of the internet, I imagine the scope of things the police now have to take care of has increased and you and the entire department has handled it well.


It was an honor today to greet you and your family as you pulled into Conshohocken for the final time as Chief of Police, but I know it’s not the last time we will see you here. Stop by the frame shop some day and we’ll be happy to catch up with you. Thank you sir.


This photo is from the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade here in Conshohocken and shows Chief Mike Orler on the right and Conshohockens next Chief George Metz on the left. Best of luck Chief Metz. You have worked with some of the best so we know you will do a great job. Conshohocken is lucky to have a number of very qualified officers here, and more importantly people who care about this borough and it’s residents.


Here are some photos from today:










This last photo, well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it. After going through my photos over and over again, I felt I needed to include it. Chief Mike Orler was a little emotional as he embraced family, friends and co workers today. He truly cares for this borough, he loves it. Thank you. Go spend more time with your family.

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