March 20, 2019


Thank you Mayor Frost

Thank you Mayor Frost


by Brian Coll



Tonight at 6:00 a changing of the guards takes place if you will. Mayor Bob Frost has been mayor for 16 out of the past 20 years. During that time he has brought dignity, class, charity, caring and all of himself to Conshohocken. If you have been here for any amount of time you will know that long before he was mayor he was involved in the little league, the soap box derby, the historical society and other organizations. He has served this community for most of his life. He loves Conshohocken, he is Conshohocken. I could go on and on about this and that and events Mayor Frost brought to Conshohocken, instead I will tell you of two things I witnessed this month, after he lost the election. Mayor Frost hosted bingo at the Marshall Lee Towers for the seniors there. This is something he has done unpublicized for years and years. The 2nd thing is, I took my family to the Breakfast with Santa at George Clay Fire Company. For those of you unfamiliar, George Clay is in West Conshohocken. Mayor Frost and his family were there simply to support a local fire company. These were things he didn’t have to do, as Mayor and certainly not after losing the election.


Mayor Frost, thank you. Thank you for loving Conshohocken and being our Mayor.



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