June 16, 2019


Teacher(s) of the Year

Teacher(s) of the Year


by Brian Coll

A few months ago we asked for people to nominate a Teacher of the Month. We had so many people reach out for this teacher or that teacher. Our first Teacher of the Month was Miss Rachel from Saint Matthew Early Education Center. After that though, just about every single person nominated came from Conshohocken Elementary School. So many people sent in teachers from Conshohocken that is wasn’t fair to single a teacher out. We were looking for teachers in the community, and of course we look at our community as Conshohocken, West Conshohocken, Plymouth, Whitemarsh and Lafayette Hill.

Today we went and asked the teachers at Conshohocken Elementary School if we could take a group photo. I don’t think any of them knew what we were going to do with that photo, and that is share it with all of you and thank the teachers at Conshohocken for being awesome.

I took the group photo and I knew I was missing someone, I was in a rush to take the group photo and I didn’t want to hold the staff up from the duties of the last day of school. In the corner of my eye I noticed Mr J talking to a student who looked like they needed to talk. Sorry for not getting you in the large group photo, but I’m glad I got you on Fayette Street the other day.

Thank you to the amazing teachers in our community. Enjoy your summer. Thank you.

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