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Super Hero Saturday at the Conshohocken Free Library. 9/30/2017

Super Hero Saturday at the Conshohocken Free Library. 9/30/2017

by Brian Coll

    Mayor Bob Frost was in the Conshohocken Library one day and noticed the childrens area could use a little tender love and care. So, he wanted to do something about it. So tomorrow, bring the kids out to the Conshohocken Free Library from 11:30 to 1:30. Snacks will be provided, bring the kids and if they want to dress up like their favorite super hero go for it!


On hand will be Nick Fury, Catwoman, Starlord, Spider-man and Princess Anna from Frozen.


I reached out to the Philadelphia Avengers, I asked how they got started and what they do and here is what I got back:

      The Philadelphia Avengers have been together for a few years. The original group consisted of Eric “The Smoke” Moran, Jamila Howard, Shaun Oliphant, Kevin DiPlacido, Nicholas LeVasseur, and Sarah Palomino. They were just a group of friends that wanted to do great things with their love for cosplay. The group has grown to 30 members, and we are one giant family. 
Some of the charities we have worked with are: the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, Teach Anti-bullying Inc., Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Toys for Tots, and March of Dimes. We also go to smaller fundraisers as well, at places like local schools, libraries and YMCA’s. If you’ve been to a charity event in the surrounding Philadelphia areas that have had superheroes at it, there is a good chance you ran into the Philly Avengers. We have also been fortunate enough to be invited to be guests at different comic cons, and we use those opportunities to raise money or do various collections for different causes. At our upcoming appearance at the Lehigh Valley comic con on October 7 we are collecting water and other non-perishables to donate to Puerto Rico. And for the second straight year we have been collecting new, or clean used Halloween costumes to donate to less fortunate children, so they can have a fun Halloween too. 
At the end of the day, it comes down to all of us wanting to help people. And while we don’t have real super powers, we feel like we can change the world.


I can’t wait to bring my kids tomorrow, maybe I’ll see some of you there. Bring a few bucks and help the library out through the Mayor’s Special Events Committee.


One more thing….. Conicelli Autoplex saw the flyer for this event and wanted to help out. They called Mayor Frost and wanted to help him buy some new toys and maybe a nice comfy chair. So, before the event even takes place, Conicelli donated $2,000.00. WOW. Thank you so much.


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