July 16, 2018


Summer Concerts in Parks - Photos from last one, info about next one

Summer Concerts in the Parks – Photos from the last one, info about the next one.


by Brian Coll


All summer long, (not the Kid Rock song) there have been concerts at Sutcliffe Park. These are FREE Concerts hosted by the borough of Conshohocken for all of us. Most of these FREE concerts happen on Thursday nights as does the next one…. this Thursday the 3rd of August and it is featuring Barefoot Bobby and the Breakers. They are a 4 piece band who blend Pop, Country and Rock from over the years and create a unique fun sound. So, if you are bored this Thursday night stop by Sutcliffe Park, bring a blanket or some chairs. Let the kids run free at the new playground equipment.


Here are some photos from the last FREE Concert in the park. Photos by Jack Coll


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