July 16, 2018


Steve Crider will Eat Himself to Death (Maybe Not) on Fayette Street this Saturday

Steve Crider will Eat Himself to Death (Maybe Not) on Fayette Street this Saturday


by Brian Coll



Steve Crider (left) and Jim Sugalski (owner of Fayette Street Grille) get ready for Steve’s food walk on this coming Saturday.



I was at the CNC the other day (Colonial Neighborhood Council) and someone asked if I heard about the guy who was going to walk along Fayette Street and eat at every restaurant and food place. I thought that sounded a little silly, I mean who hasn’t done that if you lived here long enough…. I didn’t say that out loud, instead I said, that sounds cool. I guess the way I answered made them talk a little more about it…. something like, No, he’s going to eat at every place on Fayette Street in ONE DAY, well that caught my attention. So, I had to hear more. Turns out he is going to carry a bucket and accept donations along the way to benefit the CNC, I thought that was really cool. I mean really, really cool.


I looked him up and found he has his own blog or website and I will share all of that with you in a minute. I kind of wanted to talk to him personally for a minute and see where all this came from. He is really excited about the whole thing. What a nice guy, he came by my shop (Coll’s Custom Framing) we chatted for a little bit and then we walked down to see my old friend Jim at the Fayette Street Grille. They had talked in advance, Steve has informed all of the places that he is coming by on Saturday, so Jim was excited to meet him. I snapped a few pictures and we walked back to my shop where we talked a little more. Steve is (newer) to the borough and thought this would be a good way for him to try some new places. After all he can throw a stone at some of these places from his house and he has yet to try them out. In our conversation he mentioned his Great Aunt runs a food pantry and he found the CNC and thought it would be a great charity event if he could collect a few bucks along the way. The Boathouse heard about the charity aspect and call him to donate $250 so he has a great start. If you see him on Saturday and want to throw a few bucks in his bucket it will be opened by Sandi Fryer at the CNC next week and we will announce how much he raised for the CNC. (how cool is that)


Now, I don’t know that he is going to have a full meal at each place, but I imagine he’ll try a few new things along the way. Steve, leave room up at 8th Ave for the StoneRose Burger, Pasta Via has a great BBQ Chicken Pizza too….. I know you are starting early, but don’t miss out on the famous wings at the Boathouse, or maybe the crab cake sandwich. Great American Pub is now serving Mastracola’s famous Pork on the world famous Conshohocken Italian Bakery Rolls….


Steve, I want to wish you luck, it was great meeting you. I know you are going to do great and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the donations that you are collecting for the CNC, it is very near and dear to me and our community. I’ll try to meet up with you along the way somewhere on Saturday. just don’t eat yourself to death) If you ever want to do a eating tour of all the places not on Fayette Street let me know. There are some great places along the venues and Streets in our great borough.


Here is what Steve wrote on his website thelifeofdeals.com: it also includes times to look for him along the way



Hi, I’m Steve Crider.  Welcome to my blog, The Life of Deals, where I find and share deals, tips, tools, and stories to help people enjoy life by saving money in areas like food, travel, and shopping.  I’ve lived in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania for two years now and have only scratched the surface of the town’s growing restaurant scene.  Fayette Street is our “Main Street” and features a number of awesome culinary choices…from Mexican to Thai to Chinese to American to Italian to ice cream joints and coffee shops. The nine-block strip of heaven is also home to my church, bank, and occasional barber.
My wife and I are creatures of habit and guilty of frequenting only the places we know and love.  I was talking with our neighbors about all the great restaurants in town and realized how few I’ve actually visited.  I hadn’t even been to half the restaurants on Fayette Street including some that are a mere 100 yards away from my front door!  That had to change…immediately.  And it will on Saturday, August 12 when I attempt the first-ever Fayette Street Food Crawl.
I’m going to eat at all 21 eateries with a Fayette Street address…in one day….starting at 8 AM and finishing around 1:30 AM.  I’ll be video blogging, Instagraming, Facebooking, and Tweeting the entire way, reviewing the dishes and eateries, interviewing their owners, and discussing the great deals that each place offers. Make sure to follow along on your favorite social media outlet!  I’m also inviting friends, “Conshy” residents, and YOU to join me throughout the day.
And the best part?  We’re partnering with the Colonial Neighborhood Council, a 50-year old organization that serves the less fortunate in Conshohocken and surrounding towns, to promote and support its incredible mission.  I’ll have a box with me at each stop, collecting donations to help the Council continue its work of providing food, clothing, and other services like Meals on Wheels to area residents.  You’ll see and hear more about the Council leading up to August 12 and hear an inspiring story from the Executive Director on the impact it makes in the community.


The end result will be great publicity for the restaurants to highlight their menus and deals, a fun event for people to follow on social media and our blog, and an opportunity to raise money for an absolutely wonderful organization and cause.  Below is your Fayette Street Food Crawl schedule.   Paramedics will be on stand-by.  Wish me luck!


I’ll have a donation box with me at each stop on the tour.  We encourage you to swing by at one, some, or all the stops to say hi, offer support, have a bite or a drink, and donate to the Colonial Neighborhood Council.  Email me at thelifeofdeals@gmail.com to let us know you’re coming or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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