May 23, 2019


St. Mary's Vandalized - AND A GOOD SAMARITAN.

St. Mary’s Vandalized – AND A GOOD SAMARITAN


by Brian Coll





We saw a Facebook post this morning from the St. Mary’s Polish American Society, and we’ll just go ahead and share what they wrote:



St. Mary Polish American Society

Friends, we have some disturbing news to share. Sometime last week, for the first time ever, St. Mary’s Church and grounds were the victim of a callous act of vandalism. The flower pot next to the Mary statue was smashed, the flowers were thrown on the ground, the candles were toppled and broken. Most disturbing, some of the stained glass panels on both side doors at the back of church were scratched or smashed as the vandals attempted to unsuccessfully break into the church.
We want to clearly emphasize that this act is absolutely disgusting, disgraceful, shameful, and completely unacceptable. St. Mary Polish American Society has taken great pride in doing all we can to maintain St. Mary’s Church as a beautiful sacred space during these past few years that the Society has paid all the bills for the church. This act is made all the more disturbing by the fact that in only a few short weeks, the decree establishing the new quasi-parish of St. Mary’s will take effect and the Fraternity of St. Peter will join the Conshohocken Catholic community as caretakers of St. Mary’s and bring the Traditional Latin Mass to our beloved beautiful church. We hope and pray that those who perpetrated this callous act of vandalism feel remorse for their actions and are deterred from engaging in similar acts at St. Mary’s or anywhere else. We reaffirm our commitment to be stewards of St. Mary’s Church and grounds, and look forward to working with the Fraternity of St. Peter to maintain St. Mary’s as the beautiful jewel it deserves to be treated as.




Here is where the Good Samaritan comes in. We just had a visit from Mark Canale and one of his guys Joe and they are going to look into replacing the planters for St. Mary’s. Mark, if you need help with new plantings for them, let me know.


You know something, this is the way things should be done. Not the idiots wrecking the place, but someone from the community stepping up and doing the right thing. Sometimes, things seem to get corporate, or over thought if you will, too many committees, not enough people just taking the initiative. I think this is great that Mark and Joe want to step up and help out. Thanks guys. Let me know what I can do to help if anything at all.

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