May 22, 2019


St. Mark's Easter Eggs - Order Here! Watch the video!

St. Mark’s Easter Eggs – Order Here! Watch the Video


by Brian Coll

Let’s start with where you can order:

Here is the website for the Easter Eggs…

Now…. last night I took my daughter to watch the egg production. Last night they were coating the coconut ones. I had no idea that coconut was the most popular egg there. I personally love the peanut butter ones and the mints are a close second. The volunteers are so great. They are friendly and some of them have been doing this longer than they can remember. If you want to volunteer reach out, they do take new volunteers and you don’t have to be a member of St. Mark’s to help out.

Here is a quick video from last night, thank you all for letting me capture the process on video.

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