We need a little help…

I’m Looking For A Little Help Maybe You Got What It Takes Jack and Brian have been working diligently on a book due for release sometime in 2015, when we pinpoint a date we will be sure to post. As usual the research on this publication goes back several years, we have been working for... Read More

Then and Now….

Here is a Then and Now, people ask us for these from time to time, while we don’t always have a match, this time we did.   I miss Pete’s Hardware, I found myself there every weekend starting as a young kid. Maybe I needed a bike tube, or some WD-40. They sold screws and... Read More

State Police Murder Sadly, Conshohocken Was The Second

State Police Murder Sadly, Conshohocken Was The Second By Jack Coll (Writer’s Note) I’m about to write, and you’re about to read, about the murder of Pennsylvania State Police Officer Cpl. Bryon Dickson. I refuse to mention the name of the shooter in my article, he doesn’t deserve to get his ...

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Bell Telephone: It wasn’t here, and then it was and now it’s not

Bell Telephone: It Wasn’t Here And Then It Was And Now It’s Not By Jack Coll 9-23-14 As work continues on the former Bell Telephone/Verizon Building located at Fourth Avenue and Fayette Street, I thought it might be fun to take a look back on Conshohocken’s history with the telephone and the ...

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This & That by Jack Coll

This & That By Jack Coll 9-14-14 Welcome to another edition of This & That, a column made up of tid-bits of information taken from the Conshohocken Recorder Newspapers from over the past 140 years among other publications. This & That is a column of tid-bits I’ve come across while ...

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The Lee Way – Part 2

The Lee Way Part-2 By Jack Coll 8-28-14      The Lee Way was a company newsletter put out monthly and sometimes bi-monthly by the former Lee Tire Company once located on Hector Street and North Lane.  Lee Tire & Rubber Company as it was known printed these company newsletters from the late ...

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New Target, Old Woolworth’s

I saw a lot of hype about the opening of a new, very large Target store in King of Prussia. You’ve probably seen it if you’ve been to the new WAWA there, or the new Chick Fil A. In fact, this Target has been labeled as the largest Target store on the East Coast. There... Read More


CAN’T THE ITALIANS JUST SHAKE IT OFF AND MOVE ON? Where Ya Gonna Go? By Jack Coll      In and around Conshohocken the Italians have come up with a new greeting, “Where you going,” “Where you gonna go.”  For a hundred and sixty years in Conshohocken the Italians would greet each other by saying ...

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Conshohocken Soap Box Derby, In The Beginning

Seventy Six Years Ago This Friday Walt Cherry, You Were The Man Conshohocken Soap Box Derby, In The Beginning By Jack Coll July 3, 2014        It was 9:00 a. m. at Mary Wood Park, more than a thousand residents attended the flag raising ceremonies officially opening the summer playgrounds.  A ...

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Independence Day; Conshohocken Style by Jack Coll

Independence Day Conshohocken Style No Discounts By Jack Coll 7-1-14   So here we are, Independence Day 2014, it’s a great time to visit the shore, after all they have an ocean and that pretty much makes them top dog on hot summer days.  Everyone has their favorite spot at the Jersey ...

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