Black History Month – Medgar Evers He Fought for his Country, Our Country by Jack Coll

Medgar Evers He Fought for his Country-Our Country Then He Fought for his Country By Jack Coll I didn’t know much about Medgar Evers, but I did know this, he was an American civil rights activist from Mississippi. He was a college graduate and he was a World War II veteran who fought in the... ...

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A Conshohocken Treasure is closing its doors…

September 1st, 2016   Conshystuff learned earlier today that a Conshohocken treasure is closing its doors. Lower Fayette Street will most definitely look different in the near future as Light Parker Furniture will be closing its doors for good. There is a strong possibility that a small ...

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Then and Now – Calvary Church

7/14/16 photos by Gene Walsh and Brian Coll We noticed scaffolding going up around Calvary Church at 4th and Fayette this week. It made us think about the last time that church was “pointed” and we thought it was in or around 1984… we were right. We pulled up an old photo from ...

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A Half a Century Ago By Jack Coll

A HALF A CENTURY AGO Michael Dennis Became Conshy’s 15th Derby Champion By Jack Coll July 4, 2016   By 1966 the borough was beginning to feel the overseas steel import crunch, hard-times laid ahead for the borough and its residents.  Although Alan Wood Steel was still a decade away from ...

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Something big from the rumor mill….

6/29/16 by Brian Coll We heard a rumor about a house being tore down to make way for parking. Once we started asking about that rumor, it seems like there is a little smoke and that other houses or properties may be turned into a larger parking lot.      We are talking about a few... Read More

This & That by Jack Coll May 2016

This & That By Jack Coll May 22, 2016      Hey! Its been a while since we visited the This & That column. On a rainy Sunday in May I thought I would take a break from my nearly completed book and un-load a little bit of my This & That pile that sits next... Read More

Last Mass at Saint Cosmas and Damian – March 13th

  We knew it was coming, not that anyone was looking forward to it, the last mass at Saint Cosmas and Damian will take place Sunday March 13th, at 3:00 in the afternoon.   I really want to complain, I want to scream how unfair this is, not only to the people of the parish... Read More

Does Anyone Remember “Jimmsy”?

Wanna buy a Paper? 1/20/2016       Wanna buy a paper? That is probably the first thing you think of when you hear the name “Jimmsy”       Well, it’s the first thing my dad Jack and I think of. Jimmsy was a Conshy guy. I mean a Conshy guy. Old Jimmsy would wake up most days... ...

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This & That By Jack Coll December 2015

THIS & THAT A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That By Jack Coll 12-28-15      If you are not familiar with this column, welcome. As I continue to research information for my next book I continue to run across interesting tid-bits that won’t be used in the book but I still... Read More

A Thanksgiving Story By Jack Coll

  A Thanksgiving Story Sometimes, A Kind Gesture Goes A Long Way We Could Still Use A Little Help! By Jack Coll 11-18-15   I knew this young guy years ago, he was raising two kids barely making it, he worked in one of the mills along the river, his wife worked part time to... Read More