People of Conshohocken Jim Green

People of Conshohocken By Brian Coll 2/16/16 This is our second post of our People of Conshohocken series… We have close to 10,000 people in our borough, add in the residents of West Conshohocken, Plymouth and Whitemarsh and we have a large community. Some of the people that will be ...

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We’ve Only Just Begun – By Jack Coll

    Gone Too Soon Sometimes I Still Think About Her We’ve Only Just Begun By Jack Coll February 4, 2016   It was 33 years ago on February 4, 1983 that Karen Carpenter died from heart failure caused by chronic anorexia. Outsiders and fans were shocked by the death of Karen, but ...

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West Conshy video- time lapse of a storm

We’ve fooled around with some time lapse on our iPhone, but our friend Jason Saro does a fantastic job of really making the most of it. Check this out from a few months ago, the skies of West Conshy. Thanks Jason for letting us share this.        

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The Conshy Song: by Benny Mosakowski

The Conshy Song by Benny Mosakowski Okay, earlier today we posted a short film about the love people have of Conshohocken. Now we are going to post a video, of the Conshy song. I saw this a few years ago on YouTube and have shared it at least once on our Facebook page, but wanted... Read More

Conshohocken Borough Hall – By Jack Coll

Conshohocken Borough Hall It Took 165 Years, But It’s A Beauty By Jack Coll January 1, 2016 Conshohocken’s new Borough Hall and Offices are open for business along with a new Police Station located at Fourth Avenue and Fayette Street. The official move for both the borough’s business offices ...

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A long overdue Library update and THANK YOU

Over the past couple of years you may have seen posts on our Facebook page or here on our website in regards to the Conshohocken Free Library. The Library board took on 3 major projects about 3 years ago. In no particular order the Library needed a new sidewalk, a new exterior paint job (all... ...

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Photo Gallery – The Budweiser Clydesdales 2015

The Budweiser Clydesdales visit to West Conshohocken By Brian Coll The Budweiser Clydesdales visited West Conshohocken on Thursday, December 10th, 2015 and our camera was there! In addition to taking hundreds of photos ourselves, we had a friend working in the office above the action taking a ...

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2015 Conshystuff Food Drive Wrap up

2015 Conshystuff Food Drive Wrap-up As many of you know, we grew up here. My sister Jackie and I were born and raised in the 19428. We went to Hervey S. Walker (now Conshohocken Elementary School), CCD at St. Matts and played at the Fellowship House everyday after school. Our roots are here. ...

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2015 Tree Lighting and Santa!!!

2015 Santa Visit & Tree Lighting Photos by Jack Coll Coll’s Custom Framing We live in the greatest borough!  We are waiting for the official word but we are pretty sure that this year’s Tree Lighting has attracted the biggest crowd yet!  Santa arrived in Conshohocken this past ...

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A Thanksgiving Story By Jack Coll

  A Thanksgiving Story Sometimes, A Kind Gesture Goes A Long Way We Could Still Use A Little Help! By Jack Coll 11-18-15   I knew this young guy years ago, he was raising two kids barely making it, he worked in one of the mills along the river, his wife worked part time to... Read More