Then and Now – Calvary Church

7/14/16 photos by Gene Walsh and Brian Coll We noticed scaffolding going up around Calvary Church at 4th and Fayette this week. It made us think about the last time that church was “pointed” and we thought it was in or around 1984… we were right. We pulled up an old photo from ...

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Balligomingo Road – Will it ever Re-open?

7/11/16 Photos by Jack Coll Every time we drive through West Conshohocken on our way to Bridgeport or King of Prussia we see the same damn sign, Road Closed. Local Traffic Only. Yesterday Jack decoded to take a look at the progress of the clean up. It was not pretty. We won’t get into ...

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The Conshohocken Police Department got a special visitor

7/8/16 by Brian Coll Sheena Jennings and her son Nick visited the Conshohocken Police Department. If you are wondering who they are and why that is special, let’s go back to the 3rd of July Fireworks at Sutcliffe Park. Young Nick was at the park with his mother, well I’ll let her ...

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We support and are proud of our local Police Departments.

7/8/16 by Brian Coll Let’s make this quick and easy, we here at Conshystuff support our police, we can’t thank them enough. I could go on and rant, but really it’s not going to help anything.        Thank you to the Conshohocken Police Department, Thank you to the West ...

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Soap Box Derby- Conshohocken – 4th of July photo gallery

7/5/16 photos by Jack and Brian Coll The Soap Box Derby goes hand in hand with the 4th of July in Conshohocken. Yesterday, the borough had great weather for the annual running of the Soap Box Derby. The Donovan and Gale families will be traveling to Akron Ohio to compete in the nationwide Soap ...

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Something big from the rumor mill….

6/29/16 by Brian Coll We heard a rumor about a house being tore down to make way for parking. Once we started asking about that rumor, it seems like there is a little smoke and that other houses or properties may be turned into a larger parking lot.      We are talking about a few... Read More

George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast Zoning Hearing Wednesday at 7:00

George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast Zoning Hearing on 6/29/16 at 7:00 at New Borough Hall 6/27/16 by Brian Coll I have been inside of this amazing piece of property in Conshohocken, to call it a piece of property is actually a huge disservice ….. it is one of the most amazing old ...

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Throwback Thursday photo – very unique – check it out

  Although it is long gone, the Conshohocken windmill stood at 11th and Fayette for about 25 years.   Over the years it was home to an ice cream store, a builder and a few other businesses. Currently, there is a small commercial building there available for rent, maybe a call to ...

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Opening Day at Conshohocken Little League – Special Guest – The Phillie Phanatic!

What a day to kick off Little League, the weather was great, the players were excited and a fan favorite stopped by, the Phillie Phanatic!   In addition to the actual baseball games, they had large slides and a bounce house set up, plenty to eat at the snack stand, I’ve never had ...

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Before Daniel Ochefu won a National Title with Villanova, he played at the Donofrio Tournament

  If you haven’t been to the Albert C. Donofrio Tournament, you should get there this week. You never know when you are going to catch the next big college player or future NBA baller. In 2012, not only did Daniel Ochefu play for the I-3 All Stars he helped them win it with 21... Read More