Conshohocken’s Biggest Parade – It Happened 100 Years Ago by Jack Coll

    CONSHOHOCKEN’S BIGGEST PARADE IT HAPPENED 100 YEARS AGO By Jack Coll 11-10-18   November 11, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice at Complegne, France. The agreement brought the First World War to an end at 11 a.m., November 11, 1918. Each year ...

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Emidio Cardamone was The Man – Cardamone Established Conshohocken Little League

          EMIDIO CARDAMONE WAS THE MAN CARDAMONE ESTABLISHED CONSHOHOCKEN LITTLE LEAGUE By Jack Coll 8-23-18     My wife Donna and son Brian were quick to point out to me a photograph posted on Facebook about two weeks ago. A photograph run by ...

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Front Street in West Conshohocken (Recalling the Gas Explosions in 1931, 1947 and 1971)

  FRONT STREET IN WEST CONSHOHOCKEN Recalling The Gas Explosions In 1931, 1947, And 1971. By Jack Coll 8-10-18       I have a tendency to travel to Upper Merion Township quite frequently for business or to visit family and friends. (I know, most people call it King of ...

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Thank you Police Chief Mike Orler

Thank You Police Chief Mike Orler 6/8/2018 by Brian Coll     Mike Orler, Chief of Police Mike Orler. Thank you. I have to say thank you. I grew up here like you did. When I was younger you were one of the policemen who realized not every kid hanging out a little past dark... Read More

What a Restaurant Rally! AMBUCS and LOVE Conshy hosted a Wonderful Event!

What a Restaurant Rally! AMBUCS and LOVE Conshy hosted a Wonderful vent! 5/21/2018 by Brian Coll   The Conshohocken AMBUCS created this event and for 12 years now it has been one of if not THE best event of the year. If this is the first time you are hearing about this event, pay ...

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Celebrating with Marah – Twenty Years Later By Jack Coll

CELEBRATING WITH MARAH TWENTY YEARS LATER By Jack Coll 5-8-18      So my son Brian told me a week ago that he had scored two tickets to see Marah, (playing on May 4, 2018) a band that includes a couple of Conshohocken brothers Serge and Dave Bielanko.  The brothers cut their teeth in the music ...

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Fifty Years Ago Conshohocken – By Jack Coll

Fifty Years Ago CONSHOHOCKEN Well, It Wasn’t So Great By Jack Coll       The 1960’s were tough times along lower Fayette Street. This photograph shown above was 44-48 Fayette Street and was once the home of James P. Meaney Radio’s and John Fogerty’s Grocery ...

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Conshohocken Movie Houses By Jack Coll

CONSHOHOCKEN MOVIE HOUSES During a Seventy Year Span, There Were Six Movie Houses in the Borough By Jack Coll (This information was taken from the book, “Tales of Conshohocken and Beyond) Written by Jack and Brian Coll      Mention Conshohocken Movie Houses or Theatres and most residents of age ...

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Noah’s River Boat Cafe – Club Rio (wouldn’t it be nice today?)

Noah’s River Boat Café – Club Rio (Wouldn’t it be nice today?) 4/13/2018 by Brian Coll         It’s one of those days where you just want to be outside! We were having a long conversation with a friend about the old Club Rio….right on the river. ...

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New Business! Scrub A Pup Pup

Scrub A Pup Pup by Jackie Coll Over last summer there was a little bit of buzz at the Dog Park down by the river that a new business was coming to Conshohocken.  What kind of business?  What will they be doing?  What services?  A Dog Grooming Salon coming right here to the 19428!  This... Read More