We’ve Only Just Begun – By Jack Coll

    Gone Too Soon Sometimes I Still Think About Her We’ve Only Just Begun By Jack Coll February 4, 2016   It was 33 years ago on February 4, 1983 that Karen Carpenter died from heart failure caused by chronic anorexia. Outsiders and fans were shocked by the death of Karen, but ...

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Growing up Sixties… By Jack Coll

  GROWING UP SIXTIES A Few Random Thoughts and Memories By Jack Coll 1-9-2016   I often wonder why music groups and solo performers like Bill Deal and The Rhondels, Tommy Roe, Gary Lewis and the Playboys and The Turtles with all their hits why I can’t find a dial on my radio that ...

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Conshohocken Borough Hall – By Jack Coll

Conshohocken Borough Hall It Took 165 Years, But It’s A Beauty By Jack Coll January 1, 2016 Conshohocken’s new Borough Hall and Offices are open for business along with a new Police Station located at Fourth Avenue and Fayette Street. The official move for both the borough’s business offices ...

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This & That By Jack Coll December 2015

THIS & THAT A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That By Jack Coll 12-28-15      If you are not familiar with this column, welcome. As I continue to research information for my next book I continue to run across interesting tid-bits that won’t be used in the book but I still... Read More

A Thanksgiving Story By Jack Coll

  A Thanksgiving Story Sometimes, A Kind Gesture Goes A Long Way We Could Still Use A Little Help! By Jack Coll 11-18-15   I knew this young guy years ago, he was raising two kids barely making it, he worked in one of the mills along the river, his wife worked part time to... Read More

Bernie Murray – By Jack Coll

    Bernie Murray We’re All Gonna Die, But Damn, Can we Just slow it Down a Bit   It’s been a tough year on Conshohocken, residents and community leaders seem to be lining up at heaven’s gate talking to St. Pete about admission. Billy Donovan, Bob O’Neill, Billy Freas, and now ...

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2015 Mayor’s Special Events Halloween Parade Photos

Below please find pictures from the 2015 Mayor’s Special Events Halloween Parade.  This parade was held on Saturday, October 31st, 2015.  Photos by Jack Coll, Coll’s Custom Framing    

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Doughnuts and a Train Wreck By Jack Coll

  Doughnuts and a Train Wreck It’s Serious Business By Jack Coll 10-27-15   Timmy Gunning walked into our frame shop a week or so ago, and I figured it was time for our annual fire inspection, Timmy is a dedicated fireman working out of Conshohocken Fire Department No 2 but also ...

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Conshohocken Town Photo October 25th 2:00

A few years ago we were working on a book, Conshohocken a year in photos 2012. At the end of the year we decided we would stage an epic town photo. We went onto the bridge on New Year’s Eve and took a photo. Actually we took two photos, one with Conshohocken in the background... Read More

St. Matthew’s Grads Celebrating 50 Years, As Reunions go, This Was the Best

      St. Matthew Grads Celebrating 50 Years As Reunions Go, This Was The Best By Jack Coll 10-7-15 I attended a reunion on October 2, at the Plymouth Country Club, it seems like I’ve been to a thousand reunions for one reason or another over the years, but this one was special ...

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