Santa came to Conshohocken last night- 2016 photos

SANTA!!! Santa visited old Borough Hall – Photos 11/26/2016 by Brian Coll photos by Jack Coll      Our community was visited by non other than Santa Claus himself last night. A light drizzle didn’t stop a large crowd from gathering to greet the big guy. Santa flew into town and ...

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The Front Page By Jack Coll

“THE FRONT PAGE” 24 Hours in New York City By Jack Coll   Sometime ago Donna and I decided to take in a play in New York City.  We’ve seen some of the best plays, in some of the most beautiful theatre’s that New York has to offer.  We’ve also seen some of greatest performers... Read More

Leon Russell Rocked Conshohocken! RIP.

11/16/2016 Leon Russell Rocked the Conshohocken A Field (in the early 70’s)      This is something we posted in our Hall of Fame section of the website a couple of years ago: Events Hall of Fame   Leon Russell WIBG’S FREE SUMMER ROCK & ROLL MYSTERY CONCERT AS THE POSTER ADVERTISEMENT ...

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Let’s Never Forget our Volunteers – Jimmy Young by Jack Coll

  Let’s Never Forget Our Volunteers By Jack Coll November 10, 2016   In Wednesday’s Times Herald obituaries, (November 9, 2016) I was saddened to see that Jimmy Young had passed away.  Jimmy grew up in Conshohocken and played Little League baseball at Sutcliffe Park. In the early ...

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This Veterans Day By Jack Coll

THIS VETERANS DAY I Wonder How Many Residents Will Remember By Jack Coll On this Veterans Day I wonder how many residents will remember the names of Stephen Jaworski, George Lucey, Philip Coyne, or William Bradley. I wonder how many residents living in this borough today remember four brothers ...

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Sometimes I Wonder and other thoughts by Jack Coll

Sometimes I Wonder And Some Other Thoughts By Jack Coll   I enjoy listening to an artist named Sixto Rodriguez, some of you might remember a documentary film about him called “Searching for Sugarman.” One of Rodriguez’s songs is called “I Wonder,” a catchy little tune where he wonders ...

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The Story of Jack Schitt By Jack Coll

The Story of Jack Schitt By Jack Coll 11-5-16   “You don’t know Jack Schitt,” now that’s an expression that I’ve heard more than a few times throughout my life, and on occasion I’ve had the pleasure of responding “I do know Jack Schitt, I met him in Nashville,” and I have the T-shirt to... ...

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Road Trip 2016 part three Route 66 and more

Road Trip 2016—Part Three Route 66 Ronald Reagan’s Childhood Home Field of Dreams By Jack Coll On Tuesday morning we woke up in Kentucky after spending a late night in Cincinnati, Ohio watching the Reds lose to the Marlins. We didn’t plan on going to Kentucky during the road trip but it’s not ...

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Three Conshy Classics Come Together By Jack Coll

  Three Conshy Classics Come Together It’s Like I Died and Went to Heaven By Jack Coll 10-20-16 I was wondering if anyone else noticed the banner hanging at the Great American Pub located at Second Avenue and Fayette Street during the Conshohocken Funfest. In big bold letters was: “Italian ...

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Oh those Wildwood Days By Jack Coll

  Oh Those Wildwood Days And The Grassy Sound By Jack Coll   We all have different memories of the New Jersey shore, name a town, Sea Isle City, Ocean City, Cape May, Wildwood, you could name ’em all but chances are the town you stayed in as a kid is the town you love... Read More