West Conshohocken National Night Out – Photos from last nights event

8/3/16 photos by Jack Coll Jack Coll, took our camera to the National Night Out in West Conshohocken last night. Way to go West Conshohocken!!!!

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Balligomingo Road – Will it ever Re-open?

7/11/16 Photos by Jack Coll Every time we drive through West Conshohocken on our way to Bridgeport or King of Prussia we see the same damn sign, Road Closed. Local Traffic Only. Yesterday Jack decoded to take a look at the progress of the clean up. It was not pretty. We won’t get into ...

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A Half a Century Ago By Jack Coll

A HALF A CENTURY AGO Michael Dennis Became Conshy’s 15th Derby Champion By Jack Coll July 4, 2016   By 1966 the borough was beginning to feel the overseas steel import crunch, hard-times laid ahead for the borough and its residents.  Although Alan Wood Steel was still a decade away from ...

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Soap Box Derby- Conshohocken – 4th of July photo gallery

7/5/16 photos by Jack and Brian Coll The Soap Box Derby goes hand in hand with the 4th of July in Conshohocken. Yesterday, the borough had great weather for the annual running of the Soap Box Derby. The Donovan and Gale families will be traveling to Akron Ohio to compete in the nationwide Soap ...

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Conshohocken Soap Box Derby 1980’s

Conshohocken Soap Box Derby Welcome to the late 1980’s By Jack Coll July 4, 2016   Welcome to this year’s Conshohocken’s Soap Box Derby, I see a few old family names in this year’s racing line-up.  I see a Donovan and a Bowe, names long affiliated with this event, certainly the Maxwell’s ...

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Conshohocken Couple Renews their Wedding Vows, 40 years later

      On a rainy Saturday afternoon, the rain stopped just long enough for a family to pull off a surprise wedding renewal. Rob Reed, his wife Amy and his sister Stephanie planned for weeks and sprung the trap on Paula and Mike Reed. They had Mayor Bob Frost perform the short but ...

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This & That by Jack Coll May 2016

This & That By Jack Coll May 22, 2016      Hey! Its been a while since we visited the This & That column. On a rainy Sunday in May I thought I would take a break from my nearly completed book and un-load a little bit of my This & That pile that sits next... Read More

Do you remember shirt dresses?

We saw an ad in the New York Times Style Magazine for shirt dresses. It got us thinking about Art Shirts in Conshy. They were way ahead of their time…. the ad was offering these shirt dresses for $1,400.00. Yes you saw that correctly, $1,400.00.     Would you pay $1.400.00 for ...

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Last Mass at Saint Cosmas and Damian – March 13th

  We knew it was coming, not that anyone was looking forward to it, the last mass at Saint Cosmas and Damian will take place Sunday March 13th, at 3:00 in the afternoon.   I really want to complain, I want to scream how unfair this is, not only to the people of the parish... Read More

St. Mark’s Easter Eggs.. order yours today!

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Easter Egg Sale 2/23/16 by Brian and Jack Coll This is the 98th season of St. Mark’s Church making and selling Easter Eggs. I think we’ve been ordering and eating them for 40 years now, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think some of the ladies have ...

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