Emidio Cardamone was The Man – Cardamone Established Conshohocken Little League

          EMIDIO CARDAMONE WAS THE MAN CARDAMONE ESTABLISHED CONSHOHOCKEN LITTLE LEAGUE By Jack Coll 8-23-18     My wife Donna and son Brian were quick to point out to me a photograph posted on Facebook about two weeks ago. A photograph run by CONSHYSTUFF.com ...

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Front Street in West Conshohocken (Recalling the Gas Explosions in 1931, 1947 and 1971)

  FRONT STREET IN WEST CONSHOHOCKEN Recalling The Gas Explosions In 1931, 1947, And 1971. By Jack Coll 8-10-18       I have a tendency to travel to Upper Merion Township quite frequently for business or to visit family and friends. (I know, most people call it King of ...

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Jack Coll’s Talkin’ Music

Jack Coll’s Talkin’ Music TALKIN MUSIC A MOTOWN REVUE By Jack Coll 7-31-2018     Certainly you remember the Motown hits, “My Girl,” “I Heard it Through the Grapevine,” and “Dancing in the Street.” The music was a driving, foot-tapping, hit-the-dance-floor sound provided by ...

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This is Not a Story, Just Random Thoughts and a Little Reminiscing

          This Is Not A Story Random Thoughts And A Little Reminiscing By Jack Coll 7-15-18     It’s a stormy July Sunday morning, a steady rain has been falling for about an hour now and I’m sitting in my office feeling a little nostalgic and running some ...

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            SOAP BOX DERBY INTERNATIONAL RACE IN AKRON OHIO WINNERS AND CHEATERS By Jack Coll July 2, 2018       Six or seven years ago Chris Nasielski, (who had a second place finish in the Conshohocken Soap Box Derby race in 1979, Phyllis ...

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Talkin Music… We just keep on Talkin By Jack Coll

TALKIN MUSIC WE JUST KEEP-ON TALKIN CAUSE IT’S FUN By Jack Coll 6-11-18      Hey, thanks for the nice comments on my TALKIN MUSIC column a week or so ago, many of you out there seemed to enjoy it so I figured why not run a second version of 1960’s pop tunes with a little... Read More

Talkin Music with Jack – Let’s Talk about the Music of the 60’s

TALKIN MUSIC It’s Been Awhile By Jack Coll May 30, 2018 Let’s Talk About the Music of the 1960’s, And Take a Little Quiz Along the Way.      Well it’s been a while since I wrote about music.  Music is and has been a big part of my life.  When I hear a song from my childhood, like... Read More

Celebrating with Marah – Twenty Years Later By Jack Coll

CELEBRATING WITH MARAH TWENTY YEARS LATER By Jack Coll 5-8-18      So my son Brian told me a week ago that he had scored two tickets to see Marah, (playing on May 4, 2018) a band that includes a couple of Conshohocken brothers Serge and Dave Bielanko.  The brothers cut their teeth in the music ...

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Fifty Years Ago Conshohocken – By Jack Coll

Fifty Years Ago CONSHOHOCKEN Well, It Wasn’t So Great By Jack Coll       The 1960’s were tough times along lower Fayette Street. This photograph shown above was 44-48 Fayette Street and was once the home of James P. Meaney Radio’s and John Fogerty’s Grocery ...

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Conshohocken – A Century Ago By Jack Coll

CONSHOHOCKEN—A CENTURY AGO By Jack Coll      It was springtime in Conshohocken, the year was 1918, a hundred years ago. Trolley cars rumbled up-and-down the picturesque tree-lined Fayette Street.  Trolley passengers admired the many mansions they rode past.  There were the Lukens mansions, the ...

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