Black History Month – The Sad Sad Story of Hattie Carroll By Jack Coll

The Sad-Sad Story of Hattie Carroll Racism at it’s Very Worst Shame on all of Us By Jack Coll Bob Dylan, a Jewish guy born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1941 became a singer-song-writer and was cast into the National spotlight in the early 1960’s when his music and lyrics spoke to the masses about ...

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Black History Month – How I Learned Black History by Jack Coll

Black History Month How I Learned Black History I was Educated About Social Injustice Through the Music 2/7/2017 By Jack Coll February is Black History Month and has been designated throughout the country as a month to bring awareness to the history of African Americans. Many articles will be ...

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New Book – Conshohocken and West Conshohocken. Coming out soon, order yours today

  Conshohocken & West Conshohocken People, Places and Stories by Jack and Brian Coll a New Book (actually 2) Now Taking Pre Order’s 2/4/2017 by Jack Coll       It’s Finally Here CONSHOHOCKEN & WEST CONSHOHOCKEN People, Places and Stories By Jack and Brian Coll ...

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Slideshow – The History of Conshohocken on February 21st

  Conshohocken History Slideshow 2/4/2017 by Jack Coll   The Windmill in Conshohocken…..     The History of Conshohocken in Slides Hosted by the Conshohocken Junior Women’s Club   Jack Coll will be the guest speaker at the February meeting of the Conshohocken ...

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Clearlake, Iowa – Truly the Buddy Holly Story By Jack Coll

  Clearlake, Iowa—They have a lake called Clearlake!! Truly The Buddy Holly Story The Surf Ballroom and the Crash Site By Jack Coll In August 2016 Donna and I took a road trip that led us through several states on our way to South Dakota to view Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse ...

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Thank you Harvey Buek, Good Luck Ray Sokolowski – Public Works

Thank you Harvey Buek, for years of service to Conshohocken Good Luck Ray 1/21/2017 by Brian Coll       Yesterday, there was another peaceful exchange of power, right here in Conshohocken. While this doesn’t compare to what took place in Washington D.C., it probably affects more of us in ...

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Sutcliffe Park Gets a Facelift By Jack Coll

Sutcliffe Park Gets A Facelift Just In Time By Jack Coll 12-27-16   I see Conshohocken’s Borough Council members have agreed to give Sutcliffe Park a much needed facelift with improved parking, and a complete makeover of the children’s playground area.  Some of the playground equipment was ...

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A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector By Jack Coll

A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector By Jack Coll We listen to it every year, some of us in bits and pieces, some of us like me listen to the entire album, a few times during the course of the holidays, “A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector.” The Album is loaded... Read More

Christmas in Conshy – A Hundred Years Ago by Jack Coll

Christmas In Conshy A Hundred Years Ago By Jack Coll 12-23-16 Christmas-time in any community for the most part is a wonderful time of year, but many years ago Christmas in Conshohocken was really something special. Conshohocken, along with Norristown and Pottstown were the shopping capitals of ...

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Merry Christmas, Time to Reminisce

Merry Christmas Time to Reminisce By Jack Coll 12-21-16 Christmas season is a busy time of year for most of us, you have your shopping going on, family to deal with, decisions, should I get my neighbor a gift? Christmas dinner and so on. For a lot of us it’s also a time to reminisce,... Read More