All Class Reunion for Archbishop Kennedy

As we get closer to the All Class Kennedy Reunion more and more memories are flooding back to me. I have been scanning yearbooks in order to make a DVD for all to see. It has been moving at a good pace for the past few months, until I hit the years I attended Kennedy.... Read More

So Many Events….

One of the great things about Conshohocken is all of the events, it may not be great if you are an out of town driver and have to follow a detour around one of the many parades, or other events that take over Fayette St. This weekend there is a “Funrun” 5K benefiting the Fresh... ...

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the band MARAH

Hello Phillies fans. With the Home opener tomorrow, and the upcoming anniversary of Harry Kalas’s passing I thought of my friends MARAH. MARAH is a rock and roll band formed by a couple of kids that grew up in Conshohocken, long before Conshohocken was the cool place it is today. Dave and ...

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10 Questions with Libby from Conshy Consignment

I caught up with Libby Broggi from Conshy Consignment. And I asked her 10 questions, well maybe a couple add on’s as well. In addition to being the owner of Conshy Consignment, she is also a Co-Chair of the Conshy Kids Consignment Sale that takes place at the Fellowship House April 20th. ...

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Ten Questions with the Relay for Life

Ten Questions with the Relay for Life Committee. By Brian Coll Conshohocken is taking part in its Third Annual Relay for Life on May 18th. I got the chance to catch up with three of the committee people from the Relay. Michael Myers, Tammy Fletcher Tarloski, and Chris Tague. Michael, probably ...

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Facebook right now.

We’ve been posting current and older photos of Conshohocken on our Facebook page. Please check it out and let us know what you’d like to see there in the future. We are still very new at this website, but we have a great love of the area in and around Conshohocken. In addition to ...

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