Something for everyone this past weekend

Young or old, new in town, or been here for awhile there was something going on this weekend that probably interested you. Restaurant week was wrapping up, and the places that I went to were wonderful. I hope some of you got to try something new. As much as I like to cook at home,... Read More

Big Weekend ahead

I’m not sure what I’m most excited about this weekend……Of course there is the Funfest on Saturday, a ton of yard sales around the area, a flea market at 8th and Fayette for the Fritz Lodge. On Sunday Fayette Street will become the site of an outdoor mass at Saint ...

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Funfest 9-21-13

The 21st Funfest will take place on September 21st. If you’ve been around for awhile, you know about this event, if you are new in town, you need to check this out. It is one of the great things about this small borough. Not just the event, but the chance to go hang out with... Read More

One year ago we lost Officer Brad Fox

Where to start? As I pulled up to take this picture yesterday I got talking to a Plymouth Township worker who was touching up the site. We didn’t know each other, but once we got talking we realized we have some mutual friends. I had rode my bike by this site many times before, the... Read More

Sounds of September

Although it’s not quite fall…there are certain things in the air that make it feel that way. Today it is close to 90, but the sounds are closer to fall. You have kids crossing Fayette Street to go to school in the morning, the crossing guards yelling at people to drive slower. In ...

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One Conshy

We’re not looking to start a fight or anything…….BUT….. we constantly hear about NEW Conshy this or OLD Conshy that, how about ONE CONSHY? We are all here for one reason or another. Some of us grew up here and really didn’t have a choice in the matter. Some of us ...

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Happenings……please share

Conshystuff was so happy today when we had our truck washed by the gang from the Grande and the Washington Fire Company. It was as much as we would have paid at a car wash, but the money stayed local! The people washing the cars were happy to help do their part for the fire company.... Read More

Facebook stats for Restaurants

Over the weekend I saw friends “check in” different places. I’m not the biggest “check in” person, but it got me thinking about what places in town people go to the most. Once I started looking into it, I saw some unique stats on Facebook. I started looking at ...

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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend has changed over the years in Conshy. Growing up here most families couldn’t afford beach houses, you were lucky to sneak away for a day here or there, so Labor Day was like most weekends where people went to the park, or got in one last ice cream treat at Dairy Queen... ...

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Archbishop Kennedy, 20 years later

The last graduating class in Archbishop Kennedy’s history was the class of 1993. It has been 20 years since the school closed it’s doors. Recently an all class reunion was held and it was a well attended event. With the school year starting, expect a few articles on Archbishop ...

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