May 23, 2019


Say It Ain't So - Lenny's is CLOSING!



Say It Ain’t So – Lenny’s is CLOSING


by Brian Coll




Lenny Januzelli stands behind his counter as he gets ready to close.


           We heard a rumor that Lenny’s might be closing, and we really didn’t want to believe it. So, we talked about it, we didn’t want to post a rumor. I decided to stop up and talk to Lenny himself. I caught him when no one else was in the store and he got a little choked up talking about it. He feels he has had a good run, he took it over in the year 2000. He’s made a lot of friends over the years and he even hinted that he still has his famous pork recipe and you never know if it will turn up somewhere else. I don’t think he meant the whole store, I think he was talking about that special pork that has your mouth watering when he pull some out of a crock pot at home or unwrap that tinfoil wrapper around a pork sandwich.




Over the years I had a couple laughs with Lenny when referring to 9th and Fayette as “Uptown Conshohocken” it goes back to when a few bars were around 8th and Fayette and started referring to themselves as located in beautiful “Uptown Conshohocken”. Lenny was always good for a laugh or a smile and a good conversation. While I wasn’t a weekly customer of Lenny’s I always enjoyed my visits and food there.


Best of luck in the future Lenny, we’ll miss your neon lights at 9th and Fayette in beautiful uptown Conshohocken.


Make sure you visit him and get one last pork sandwich before he closes at the end of the year.


Thanks Lenny, we’ll miss you.

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