April 20, 2019


Saint Mary's Good Samaritan!

Saint Mary’s Good Samaritan!


by Brian Coll




Yesterday morning we shared a post on Facebook showing the damage done to the shrine outside of Saint Mary’s by vandals.


Yesterday afternoon a young man came by our shop to discuss it and what could be done.


Today, I went by Saint Mary’s and was delighted to find this:





This is what it looked like yesterday:



Thank you Mr. Mark Canale and Joe for stopping in yesterday and taking care of this for the people of Saint Mary’s and our borough. The core group of dedicated volunteers who have been working hard to keep Saint Mary’s have been through so much, for them to see someone did this to their church was heartbreaking. To see someone step up in the community and just take care of this is amazing. Thank you. I know you didn’t want or need the recognition, but it is deserved. We’re lucky to have guys like the both of you in our community.

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