June 16, 2019


Rest in Peace Mr. Frank "Ricky" Morgan

Rest in Peace Mr. Frank “Ricky” Morgan


by Brian Coll



While Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders might be the most well known two sport starts out there, Mr. Frank “Ricky” Morgan was a two way star on the streets of Conshohocken. By day he worked with the streets department and trash crew, by night he was a police officer. It was because of his dual role in the borough that a generation of Conshy kids are in mourning today as the news spread of his passing.


One of my best friends posted on his Facebook page, rest in peace Uncle Ricky and people responded with the usual, sorry for your loss, thinking of you and your family. Here’s the thing, my friend is a white guy about my age, Uncle Ricky was a hard working man who happened to be African American. Still, he’s family. It was a sad day years ago when he had to choose one profession or the other, he was really great at both jobs. He knew the good kids, if there was an issue, mostly minor stuff and two police officers were on the scene, Ricky could say, I know so and so and their parents…. lets talk with them tomorrow. He knew you would go tell your parents whatever it was you were doing because you know you’d be in more trouble if they heard it the next day! The popular thing today is the touch a truck or police car events, back in the 80’s if he was in the police car, he’d let you check it out. He knew out of every crowd someone might be considering becoming a police office and if he could help guide you in the right direction he was helping out his community in more than one way, helping a child with a career in the future and helping them be good kids in the short term.


Later on in his life he was working with the Sheriff’s Department. One evening Conshohocken was holding the annual fire works on the 3rd of July. Ricky was one of the Sheriff’s there helping with traffic. I wanted to go up and introduce myself, and it was almost like I insulted him by putting out my hand and starting to say who I was. We had a laugh, he had that look in his eye, like… he was proud to see me grow up and be one of the good kids he watched growing up on the streets of Conshy.


Thanks “Uncle” Ricky for being a great example to the kids of Conshy.

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