June 16, 2019


Recap of the All Class Archbishop Kennedy & Saint Matthews Reunion. Photos

Recap of the All Class Archbishop Kennedy & Saint Matthews Reunion. Photos

by Brian Coll




So a week has went by since the reunion, and that is just a drop in the bucket for those who attended the event. Some people have been waiting 25 years for this event. For me, I have great memories of the school and most of the teachers. I am really glad Mr. T and Mr. Kaufmann got to the event. However if you were there at the end, you may not have the best of memories. For the class of 1993, at least they got to graduate school there, there were 3 classes of students behind them that were not as lucky. One thing holds all of us together though and that is Saints Pride.


Let’s get to the event. The day itself kicked off a little early for the class of 1993. They unearthed a time capsule that was buried and revealed the contents. One of the very cool things they did was post a live video, so students who couldn’t attend in person could see the items as they came out of the box. It was raining last week as the box was being unearthed and it did get wet, however, back in 93 they did a great job of waterproofing as much as they could and one of the coolest things to come out of the box was Polaroid photos from the event of the time capsule being buried. That was a very cool thought 25 years ago. I was shocked to see how much was in the actual time capsule. They did a great job of really packing some stuff in there. There was a few yearbooks, photos from over the years, football programs. Some of these items really held a special place for some of the former students pulling them out of the capsule. Conshystuff actually shared the video on our Facebook page of the unveiling of items. Go check it out.


The open house at the old school hit home for some people who haven’t been there in years. Some people graduating 35 years ago and finally walked through again. Some people could find their old locker, while others sneaked a peek into a classroom door. It was a great time seeing families walk through, some of which the parents met in these halls! We need to thank the Antioch Church for allowing this to happen. I may have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I couldn’t think of a better group of people to take over our old school if it couldn’t be a school anymore. They are an amazing group of people very dedicated to our community. They host an Easter Egg Hunt, a carnival, a Winterfest they go into the community. Thank you Antioch Church, thank you from the bottom of at least one alumnis heart.


After alumni and families could walk through the school, there was a gathering at the Lanutti post. This portion of the event was originally set for the A Field where the Archbishop Kennedy Saints played their home games but with the weather the Lanutti Post served as our home base for the night and it was perfect. (side note, if you need a space for a family function or a party consider the Lanutti Post on Maple Street) It was the perfect crowd on hand. Everyone who attended got to enjoy a trio of Saints cut the cake. Mr. Dave Tomlinson, Mr. Rich Kauffman and former Principal Bill McCusker.


I have spoke of my love for Archbishop Kennedy in the past and I have personally worked on events at the former school and in the community and this time around I found the love for Archbishop Kennedy is still alive. There was a core group of dedicated committee people that met for over a year to create this event and make sure it went off without a hitch. Let me start by applauding the last President of the school, Bill Robinson. In addition to hours of working on the event. I have to give him a big pat on the back for getting dirty while digging out the time capsule. Bill jumped right into that hole and dug that time capsule out. Mike Maher, let me tell you about Mike, Mike knew it was going to rain on our event. Mike knew it a year ago, at every meeting he would remind us that it was going to rain and the final week, we finally listened to him and found indoor space at the Lanutti Post. Mike worked with another Alumni from Kennedy in Greg Monaghan to create some of the graphics and tickets for the event. Tammy Fletcher Tarloski is one of the most amazing people I have ever known and her guidance through the planning of the event really came in handy. Tammy has chaired the Relay for Life in Conshohocken and is always looking out for the community. My sister Jackie Coll seems to always help out behind the scenes, and she is a cross alumni if you will, she didn’t get the chance to graduate from Kennedy before it closed, but still has a love for the school while also being able to have a love for her Colonials at P-W. I don’t want to embarrass this last person, but it was a real treat getting to know Mellisa Bockrath Corino as an adult. I think Melissa or Missy grew up at Archbishop Kennedy. Her dad is probably the reason I went to Archbishop Kennedy and is the reason I actually graduated high school. Melissa brought so much to the event including a connection to the “new” school if you will, Pope John Paul II in Royersford. The facility there wants to embrace the “legacy” schools if you will and her connections made this event possible in some way. Also, if you went to the event, you most likely ate one of her desserts and for $25 I can get you the secret recipe of the rice crispy squares thing.


During the event we were all running around taking care of this or that and there was an hour at the end of the night where we all found ourselves catching up at a table and I really hope other people got to have that same thing. It was very cool, seeing people 25 years after I “knew” them and getting to know them all again. If any of you read this, I’m really glad I got to know all of you again through this event.


Here are some photos from the event and if you are on Facebook, there is an Archbishop Kennedy alumni page, go ask to join the group. More photos will be in a Facebook album on Conshystuff.















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