May 23, 2019


Randy Fenoli - Star of Say Yes To The Dress Filming in Conshohocken Yesterday

Randy Fenoli – Star of Say Yes To The Dress Filming in Conshohocken Yesterday


by Brian Coll

Late yesterday afternoon a film crew descended on Deli on 4th. If you know me, you know that my store (Coll’s Custom Framing) is right next door. I didn’t want to interrupt or try to get in the background of the filming so I tried to figure out what was going on…. was it a video for the upcoming Restaurant Rally? There actually is a video coming really soon, but this wasn’t it. Was it a commercial for Conshohocken? Was it showing off the Deli on 4th? Was it a cheesesteak commercial? No…. it was SAY YES TO THE DRESS!

Randy Fenoli and the entire crew were fantastic. Very nice people all around. It was very cool to see an entire professional film crew right outside my door.

Deli on 4th made the stars cheesesteaks as they sat outside and enjoyed them on the sidewalk. After their time filming on Fayette Street the cast and crew walked down Fayette Street, maybe towards La Bella Moda or maybe they hit the Great American Pub Rooftop Garden or the Boathouse…. I hope everyone enjoyed their time in Conshohocken.

We don’t want to give anything away about the episode, we aren’t sure if there are secrecy disclosures. We aren’t sure of when this particular episode will air on TLC. If the bride to be would like to comment on our Facebook page, she can but we don’t want her to get in trouble. Congratulations in any event.

Here are a few photos from the afternoon. We will spare you the photo of Randy inside our home with my family. He was incredibly kind and gracious with his time.

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