December 15, 2018


Plymouth Whitemarsh Graduate writes book

Plymouth Whitemarsh Graduate writes book


by Brian Coll



A friend of mine Joe, bought a book.

My friend Tom poses with the author.

I met a young lady the other night who was proud of a book she had just finished. I am not exactly sure how we got onto the conversation as to where she was from but when she told me she was a P-W Grad I knew I had to ask some follow up questions. So here is my conversation with local author Holly Spofford.



What made you want to write a book? As a child, (and currently) I LOVED to read and write and become lost in the world/lives of characters. I kept a series of diaries for 14 years which were full of hilarious stories, adventures, etc. I loved the feel of pen to paper and recording or creating my own scenarios and daily events. Therefore, at a young age, I made a promise to myself that I would write my own book one day. And viola! Here we are.

What type of book is it? It is a murder mystery which has been read and enjoyed by readers age 10 years old and up.

Is there any real life inspiration? I taught for seventeen years and part of my English curriculum was teaching mystery unit. My students couldn’t get enough of it. Their involvement and enthusiasm for the unit truly inspired me to write my own. I too love reading that genre and thought it would be fun to tackle my own.

Part of how we started to talk was that you graduated from Plymouth Whitemarsh, what year and are you still in the area? I did indeed. I am a proud member of the class of 1986. I am local as my husband and I live in Wayne.

Did you go to the Middle school? Was there a planetarium when you went? It’s not there anymore……I did attend the middle school in eighth grade. I feel like the planetarium was there. I’m not 100% sure about that, but it seems to ring a bell.

Okay, back to the book, where can people buy it? My book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble ON LINE (not stores) and directly from me.

Is there room in the story for a sequel or will you explore new material? I am currently working on a sequel in that my two main characters are featured. The two differences are that my main characters about ten years older than in my current book, and it will be more adult themed.



Best of luck with that, maybe we’ll talk again as you publish it. Thanks so much for chatting with me, maybe we’ll see each other again.


For those of you who do not know me, in addition to working at Coll’s Custom Framing, I also tend bar at a fantastic place called the Pub of Penn Valley and this is where I met the author. Honestly, it is a little odd sometimes when I am working and I hear people talking about Conshohocken when I work about 20 minutes away at my part time job.



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