June 16, 2019


People Want and Have the Right to Know What That Smell Is

People Want and Have the Right to Know What That Smell Is


by Brian Coll

If you have been outside this afternoon you have probably already asked yourself the question what is that smell and where is it coming from. It seems to have gotten worse as the day has went on. It seems like it has spread to more areas than when it started.

I called Covanta ( which is the trash processing plant by Ikea and Home Depot ) I asked about the smell and I was told ( not officially, this is not a public statement from anyone at Covanta ) that the DEP was there today, two officials and they could not determine where the smell was coming from and the person I spoke to made it seem like it wasn’t coming from their plant.

I next called the DEP and have not received a call back, I was hoping to follow up with a couple questions like…. if it isn’t coming from Covanta, where is it coming from? Should people try to get away from the smell? Is it toxic? Personally I was going to ask if I should take my kids somewhere else for the day if this smell is harmful. If I get a call back I will follow up.

So…. officially, not officially, no one knows what the smell is, where it is coming from and what we should do as members of the public breathing this almost acid smell in.

We have only talked to a handful of people today, a person or two has told me their throat hurts a little. We have gotten reports of the smell on Harry Street around 7th Ave – 9th Ave. We are smelling it on Fayette Street around 4th.

Tell us where you smell it in the comments on Facebook. Ask any questions you have and if we get answers we’ll pass it along to you.

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