May 19, 2018


People of Conshohocken - A Forgotten Friend to all of Conshohocken

People of Conshohocken – A Forgotten Friend to all of Conshohocken


by Brian Coll

         I have to start this People of Conshohocken a little differently than all of the others. Todays People of Conshohocken passed away a few years ago.

       When I started the People of Conshohocken feature, I actually had recently written about a few people who passed away and I realized while I may have known them, not everyone did. So, I wanted to tell a little story about each person featured in People of Conshohocken while they were still living. Doing the People of Conshohocken I have met some new people as well as featured a few old friends along the way.

         Today, I want to reintroduce you to a true Conshohocken gem. Mr. John Ondik.

John Ondik is front and center in this photo.

         If you knew John, I don’t know that you have to continue reading, because I’m not going to reveal anything new to you. He was the life of the party. Even if you were just stopping by his insurance agency at 11th and Fayette, you still felt like you were at a party with him. He was so welcoming, so full of joy. I was recently introduced to a man, as we are talking he tells me that he knew the Mayor of Conshohocken…so I assume he is talking about Mayor Robert or Bob Frost. He tells me, no I knew John Ondik before he passed. I felt bad for my friend who introduced us because we just started talking about John. He is truly missed by more than his family and friends. John was a good man and was always giving back to the community long before it was the popular or cool thing to do. There wasn’t a worthy project in the Conshohockens for years that John wasn’t a part of. The Conshohocken Free Library and Conshohocken Fellowship House are both in better places because of his efforts.

       John had a wonderful family and if he were still with us I’m sure he’d be at the local parks cheering his grandkids on in any sport they were participating in. I don’t know that he would have retired, I think he’d still be going into his office at 11th and Fayette with his daughter Alicia. If you really knew John, you may not have heard anyone say the phrase Slovak King since his passing…… or even if you knew them, he would still introduce his wife Judy as “his first wife” which always made me chuckle because Judy was his only wife! John was something else. I miss him. John would always bring the wine to any community fundraisers or pick up the tab for pizza at a lunch meeting. Those of us that were lucky enough to know him know how special he was and how much he loved our community.

      This was a special People of Conshohocken. There is a couple of books coming out on the Conshohockens. Conshohocken & West Conshohocken – People, Places and Stories. If you enjoyed this, there might be something in these books that you or a loved one will enjoy. Consider ordering your set today. 610-825-7072

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