June 16, 2019


Paper Ballots at the Voting Place Today - A Couple Hints

Paper Ballots at the Voting Place Today – A Couple Hints


by Brian Coll

Here is what a regular guy can tell you about the new paper ballots being used today. I got worried I’d have to deal with hanging chads and stuff but it was somewhat simple. No #2 pencil needed. Walk into your polling place (of course you have to go through the people outside handing you the cards with candidates) once inside the voting people will be more than happy to help you. I went in with my two children and the election officials explained to me that I needed to fill in the circle next to the name I wanted to vote for, not a check mark, fill in the circle. That part was easy.

The tough part came when actually voting for the school board. This year in the Colonial School District we have two groups of people working as groups in order to either continue with the current direction the school board has or a group looking to change the current direction. I’m not here to give my opinion or tell you who I voted for. What I will tell you is this…. there are 10 names on the Colonial School Board Ballot. Not 2 groups of people, but 10 names. If you feel strongly about one group or the other maybe take a note in with you, or circle the names you want on one of those cards people hand you outside because from what I could tell once you start filling in the circle, you really can’t scratch it off.

If you would like my opinion on this election season…. I have always been a free thinker, I would like to think that in the general election, no matter what year, what office, I look at the people running for the position, not the party line, not the letter next to their name, but the person running for the office. With the school board, it really did feel like two groups all or nothing. Normally I would look at each person running under each platform and in this case I think most of the candidates are actually from the same political party. I think most of the candidates in the School Board election spoke of the teams values, they each have a reason for running and some of the candidates were open and honest with why they were running. Under most circumstances I think these candidates would all get a random number of votes. In this case, I think we will see two groups with equal number of votes throughout the groups if you will. One group of 5 probably will win today, but in a group just based on how the run up to the election has been.

That was just my opinion (Brian Coll) I’m not afraid to sign anything I write and use my real name.

Good luck to everyone running for an office today, win or lose, we all have to live here together after the election.

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