April 20, 2019


Our Community is Lucky to Have Amazing First Responders

Our Community is Lucky to Have Amazing First Responders


by Brian Coll



Hug your kids, tell people you love them, don’t take tomorrow for granted. You hear this all the time, but when you see a person laying on the ground with a handful of first responders around them, trying to revive that person…. it hits you a little harder. That was the scene earlier today on Fayette Street, and I don’t want to disclose anymore info than that. I have no idea if this persons family was notified , I don’t know if this person survived. I do know that within seconds of a phone call, first responders were on the scene. A number of our community fire companies responded, ambulance personal, a few dedicated Conshohocken police officers. The looks that these men and women had on their face was a mixture of determination to keep this person alive as well as a look of sadness of the grim reality that this person may not make it. Not all of the people on the scene are paid for their time and training. These people are constantly taking classes, making sure they know the latest techniques in case of emergency. We want to thank all of our first responders.


Thank you to all of our first responders. We hope the best for the person today, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

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