June 16, 2019


Orange Cryo Therapy - Thoughts from a First Timer

Orange Cryo Therapy- Thoughts from a First Timer

by Brian Coll


Friday night I was talking to a couple friends about a neck issue that kind of popped up for me. I was about to call Dr. Aaron Mittica at Regrowth Integrative Acupuncture who has helped with some other issues over the years.

Multiple people on Friday night told me an artic blast at Orange Cryo would help with the pain I was describing and I thought for the $25 bucks they told me was the first time user rate that I should check it out regardless, I don’t mind the cold so I thought it would be cool.

I went in Saturday morning when they opened and the staff was very friendly and helpful, walked me through the process even before asking me to put on the robe, cool socks and gloves. I felt very comfortable with the staff and equipment. Once I got into the machine if you will, they kept talking in soothing tones, talking about how cold it was, but for some reason, I never felt as cold as I should have, something about the process and the staff being there talking me through it. I lowered my head to a level that put the cold on my neck where I needed it and honestly my 3 minute session was done before I knew it.

I went back to the changing area, paid and left feeling good about the therapy. I spent the rest of the weekend free of neck pain. I feel it helped. I am not a doctor, no where close to being a doctor in fact. But I did feel better and it has carried over a few days now. I would recommend this to a friend.

Keep up the good work Orange Cryo. Thank you.

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