June 16, 2019


OMG Pretzels! Yes They Are OMG!!! Made and created in Plymouth Meeting PA!

OMG Pretzels! Yes They Are OMG!!! Made and Created in Plymouth Meeting PA!


by Brian Coll

If you know us, most of our stories start with something that happened in or around Conshohocken, so in this case….. I keep seeing OMG Pretzels at a few places around the borough. On Saturday, I’m walking out of the Deli on 4th and a familiar face is carrying in a case of OMG Pretzels. I’m not sure how it happened, but I was shocked to find out that it was Dave and Lynn Kriebel I was talking to, I hadn’t seen them in awhile and I thought maybe it was a part time job making deliveries for the OMG Pretzel masterminds…. turns out I was talking to the creators themselves. They were so happy to talk about their pretzels. They have them all over America, they ship to stores in Texas, California, all over the northeast states… I took this off their website from Lynn:

OMG Pretzels, LLC began in 2007 as a cool new way to provide fun snacking for my children and grandchildren. As the years passed, slowly but surely the requests for more started rolling in and I began making them for other family members and friends.

After several years of encouragement by these same family members and friends I decided to take them public and plunge head first into this venture, officially opening the business of OMG Pretzels in 2014.

The company is named “OMG” because each time someone pops one of the pretzels into their mouth the words “Oh My Goodness” come popping out. This is how Ridiculously Delicious they are. But don’t just take my word for it, try them for yourself. I guarantee neither you nor your customers will be disappointed and you too will say “OMG” every time you pop one into your mouth.

As a wife, mother of 4, and grandmother to 13, it has been my dream to provide a legacy for my family. OMG Pretzels is the catalyst to fulfill this dream. With your help, I can make this happen.

OMG Pretzels is excited to partner with local and national merchants to provide these mouthwatering snacks to your customers, family, and friends. Information on pricing and quantities is available upon request. I welcome your inquiries and look forward to doing business with you.

Sincerely, Lynn

This is so cool. So we sat there and spoke for a little bit, they jumped in the car to make their next delivery. A little later, they showed back up with some samples and me and my dad Jack had to try them out….. I’m not sure if these are all the flavors they make but the ones we tried in no particular order…. Cheddar Jalapeno, Sweet & Spicy, Old Bay, Garlic, and my favorite of the bunch Sweet & Salty.

A few local places to buy them are: Deli on 4th, The Below Deck Bottle Shop, Fat Daddy’s Deli, and the Piermani Beer Distributor.

Lynn, Dave, keep up the good work, if you need some taste testers in the future, stop in and see us at Coll’s Custom Framing.

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