May 22, 2019


New Playground Equipment coming soon to Aubrey Collins Park!!!

Aubrey Collins Park

New Playground Equipment coming real soon


by Brian Coll

It has been in the works for some time now, it has been needed for even longer. New playground equipment is coming to Aubrey Collins Park. As of today, the old equipment is gone, the ground has been worked on and new equipment is coming as you read this. This is so long overdue. It is a welcome change and I for one appreciate this. I have brought my daughter to just about every playground in the area. I grew up  at our parks, I love them for what they are and what they were to me, but when I go to parks with newer equipment, it is hard to bring her to some of our parks in comparison to what is available elsewhere.

      I spoke to someone at borough hall recently, and it sounds as if other borough parks on the list for next year to get some new equipment. I can’t wait, by that time my newborn son will be able to play on some of the new equipment at our parks.

      In addition to the new equipment coming to our parks, borough council has been considering an idea that has intrigued me for years…. a walking track at the A Field. I think this will be a welcome addition to our community.

     Here are some photos from earlier today at Aubrey Collins Park:




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