January 24, 2019


New Business Opening Soon - Welcome to the Artist's Loft

New Business Opening Soon – Welcome to the Artist’s Loft


by Brian Coll


We can’t wait to see this place!!! They are taking over the old Nelly’s Place on East 5th Ave. We are so happy this type of place is opening up here in Conshohocken. The exact address is 14 East 5th Avenue. I’ve only had a real quick conversation with Eileen, and just in our very brief conversation I felt an energy and an upbeat mood and I can’t wait to see the energy she brings to this business.


It sounds like it will be a little boutique with an eclectic mix of items from local artists and crafters. There was talk of wine jellies being sold there and I have bought some in the past as teachers gifts and such. I can’t wait to see what else is there! I have missed this type of place since Conshy Consignment moved and became on on-line store.


Best of luck, I’ll make sure I pop in as you are opening and check it out.




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